Momma Hunt
No I haven't fallen off the face or the Earth, just into a sort of black hole that sometimes is my world. Right around Christmas I got super sick with a killer cold, that morphed into a super cough, then into a sinus infection. Between Dec 17 and January 1 I went to the doctors three times and had four different prescriptions. Add to that taking some much needed time for myself. As many of you know our family went through a rough patch last year dealing with my hubby's depression, well when it hits, it just doesnt affect that person. I have been slowly realizing that I lost some of myself in there along with way. Not to mention I have some super bit food and self esteme issues that I want to deal with before I bring a sweet baby girl into the world. I have been off the radar trying to regroup, get my house and self ready for baby, and getting some much needed rest (and knitting) done. I have read a few good books and hope to get the reviews up soon. Happy New Year to everyone!