Momma Hunt

So it has been way to long since I have written a book review. I have still been reading but have not even had time to write a review but it is back on the wagon again. The book that I just finished and loved was Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. This book has been getting a lot of hype and when my hubby read it and loved it a month ago I felt I really wanted to read it. The book follows a journalist through his meteoric fall from grace and an unusual job that he gets after his fall from grace. This job is to write a family history of a famous family but while doing so to investigate an unsolved mystery. Along the way we are introduced to one of the most interesting female characters that I have come across in my reading...Lisbeth. As the story moves along you get easily sucked in to the mystery of what happened with this murder and are shocked when the truth comes out. Also, as I was reading I was immediately fascinated with the character of Lisbeth and he interaction with Mikael (the main character) and how their relationship evolves throughout the story. I found the book excellent on two was a great mystery who done it story along with a great characters piece where the two main characters are a fascinating study. The only thing that I was not 100% in love with, with the book was the level of violence (especially towards women). Now I will say this, it was not violence for the sake of violence it was part of the story and part of why the characters are who they are. Yet, I am not a huge fan of anything super violent or super graphic even in novel form. I would highly recommend this book as one of those must read "it books" of the last year! This one gets Five stars