Ok so before I get to the exciting topic at hand…favorite healthy recipe a quick update.  I am still stalled through well all the fault of my own.  It is finals week at work so I am crazy there, the hubs had the stomach flu then regular sick, then I had a bladder and kidney infection, and now I am sick.  Needless to say I am still maintaining because getting the healthy eating and exercise routine has been tough…but I am starting fresh today.  Had a healthy breakfast despite feeling like crap and plan to eat as good as I can till I can workout.  I have a chest cold so my plan is to work the upper body Mamavation 2 week challenge exercises until I can do more of the stuff that involves cardio (well not cardio but you know more deep breathing!).

Also, I have a lot on my mind lately…some of it personal with my own journey that I will talk about later but also some people I love are going through a lot.  SO those who do the prayer thing if you could all say a prayer for a high school classmate and niece of my mom's BFF her son is going in for his second round of antibody treatment (her son has a horrible form of cancer and had been through chemo and a stem cell transplant already).  They need this treatment to work so I will be praying hard from them.  Also a friend from work is having a mastectomy today and for some reason this has me really emotional.  This woman is the funniest, sweetest, most positive woman you will ever meet.  She comes to work and teaches when she can despite being super sick.  She is amazing and I know this is a major surgery and needed but it still breaks my heart for her (as of hitting publish her husband posted she is out of surgery).  So prayers for them both today as they both get one step closer to kicking cancer's ass.

Ok so on to some good stuff….so this recipe is adapted and stolen from www.skinnytaste.com.  It is the easiest cookie ever!  Plus my kids will eat them and think they are "real" cookies not the healthy stuff.  You take two bananas mash them up, add in one cup of quick oats, and a few tablespoons of chocolate chips (I use vegan) bake at 350 till slightly browned and firm.  YUMMMYYYYYY!!!  Super easy and  not that horrible health wise.

So how is every else's week going?  I can't wait to read about everyone's healthy recipes this week!
So there really hasn't been a lot going on and a lot on here in Huntville.  I started to get my ass in gear in terms of getting back on track with the eating and started back with the exercising.  I was hanging tough…then the stomach flu hit.  Papa Hunt hit the porcelain pretty hard…I just have been sick to my stomach for a few days.  I went right back to white food eating (bread, rice, crackers) and it sort of blew my momentum.

So now that I am feeling a bit better I am feeling back on track.  I also am reading a really great book that has me thinking.  Tosca Rena who has put out the Clean Eating Books had a new release this month called the Start Here Diet.  It is not just another repackaged Clean Eating book…it is a look into how to make a huge positive change in your attitude.  It explores her own journey to loose 70 pounds and turn her life around.  I like the questions is asking me to think about-Things I don't really want to think about but really need to think about if I am every going to really get a handle on this weight loss thing.  So that is about it from here….how is everyone else doing in this first week post New Years?
Ok so no laughing I forgot to mention a few goals (not really health related or even resolutions) but more two things that are along the lines of things that I want to do for me because these two things bring me great enjoyment.  So here are two goals that I am setting for fun things.  (well three actually-Hey give me break I am a history teacher not a math teacher)

1.  Read 24 for books (Why 24, the two and the four from 2014 of course).  I love to read and I honestly feel I do not do enough of this.  So my plan is to do some more reading….this is part of that ME thing I mentioned in my last post.  I am going to be counting books for me and books for my graduate courses too-technically they are non-fiction

2.  I will run 214 miles in 2014 this will include 14 5ks-This will include actual races, virtual races, as well as times jogs in my 3 mile square around my house.  I am actually going in and setting the goal in run keepers right now.

So those are my addendum's to my goals post….not something monumental just ensuring that I do a few fun things.