Momma Hunt
I think that often I am consumed by all that I have to do in a single day/week/month. This past week my grades for my students were due, my class (I am the freshman class advisor) has a fundraiser after break, I had to attend the prom, getting the house into some type of presentable shape, plus Dylan had a nasty cough, again. I often feel that I am being pulled in a million directions. My students call my name or at least call "Hey miss" a hundred times a day then when I get home that is replaced by the cute cry of "mommy". Both are so important and need my attention but there are times where I sit and wonder what happened to that life I used to live where I was me. Not Mrs. Hunt or Mommy, just me. Then on Sunday night as my husband was reading my son his night time stories: Dylan was fresh from his bath, snuggling his stuffed dinosaur sitting on my hubby's lap. In that moment there was no school, no chores to be done, just my family. That is when I realized my life is pretty near perfect, even if it means I have to be Mommy Etc.