Had a great turkey day and hope you did too!  Things have been a bit rough around here Check out my post recent post and I will post more later.  So below are the things I am most thankful for!

Dylan working it

Josie rocking out with her Maracas 

The Turkey all Golden and Brown

Josie dealing her Sesame Street Cards

Once again I was lucky enough to be asked to review a great book.  The publishers at Robert Rose sent me a copy of The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes second editon to preview.  I was so excited when I got it in the mail.  Not only did it have amazing recipes it had tons of pictures.  I am such a foodie, I am drawn to pictures.  They even had an entire section on soups and chilis, which living in New England I love soups and chilis for lunch in the winter.  The only thing I was concerned with is tha tsince I am eating healthy would any of these recipes fit my new guidelines, and the answer is yes.  Lots of recipes were "clean" and others would be made clean but a few easy subsitutions.  Some of the recipes that struck me as super yummy were the Chinese Style Braised Pork, Two Bean Turkey Chili, Delectable Apple-Cranberry Coconut Crisp (stay tuned for an update on this it will be making an appearance during the holiday season) and the recipe I chose to test Turkey Sloppy Joes.  Since the hubby had mouth surgery and was limited to the types of soft squishy food he could eat, we went with this.  It was a super easy recipe with basic ingredients.  It smelt so good I am not going to lie that I had a wee sample before dinner that night.   Below is the image of our dinner.  If you are a busy mom like me this book is a must have.  It also includes sections on what you can make ahead as well as how to half the recipes in case you need a smaller quantity.  Check it out my friends.
So for the past week and half I have been sick. The kind of sick that sicks your ass. Despite my best effort I ended up having to stay home from work one day last week. In addition to that my wee one Dylan hasn't been sleeping. I wish I could say this is a phase, I wish I could say it has been week, but it has been three months. Yes you read that correctly, three months of not sleeping through the night. He wakes up several times during the night and says he has to go the bathroom (he goes three drops), he is scared, he needs to be tucked in. After numerous calls to his doctor for suggestions she has said that he is doing what is called checking and has been so helpful trying to give us suggestions that have worked for her or others. Sadly nothing works. No amount of reward or punishments will get my little guy to stay in bed all night long.
In my heart I have known for awhile that this is some sort of anxiety issue surrounding all the major changes in his lift. He has started a new school, my dad (who is his hero) takes him to school now but drops him off and then spends the day with his little sister, his daddy had surgery and was really sick for awhile. It is a lot for a wee one to deal with. Heck it was a lot for me to deal with and I am 30! So i have known for awhile that despite how much I want to know the answer of how to fix this for him and make him feel better and get him to sleep I don't. After much talking and discussion we have decided that we need to call in the reinforcements. I need to ask for some help from someone who is qualified to deal with these issues in children. For all the moms out there, you can just imagine how much I hate the thoughts of having to admit that I am failing as a parent. Now wait....I know that by asking for help with my children when I need it is doing what is best for my child and it isn't failing....but is sure as hell feels like it.
So yesterday with a sad heart I called my pediatrician and asked her to call me back with some names of specialists who could hopefully get us on the right track to helping our wee man. I know that I am doing what is best for my kid, but it is never easy to admit that you need help or that your baby isn't perfect.
Yeah I wish-This momma is sick.  The kind of sick that you would be hiding under covers except for the occasional cup of tea or chicken noodle soup.  The kind of sick that as of my 645 appointment today will warrant two trips to the doctor.  But sadly this Momma is at work...why you ask?  I used all my sick time taking care of my hubby during his surgery, when my kids were sick, and last week when my dad was sick and couldn't care for the baby.  So here I am a high school teacher with no voice, coughing up a lung, and running on two hours of sleep because I am so damn sick I can't sleep.  Please excuse me while I have this pity party for myself and curl up into a call under my desk at work!  OK deep breaths....I am moving on now! 

The On a much lighter and happier note my bio was published for the #mefirst blog that I was selected to write for.  This is an amazing opportunity for me and I couldn't be more excited.  Check out the link below to see my bio and the other wonderful moms who are participating in this journey with me. 

The As many of you have heard with my rantings on face book and twitter we lost power in that big October storm.  We lost it for ten days!!!  So crazy.  I will post more about that later this week.  But in the midst of the ten days with no power I get some exciting new news.  I was selected to be a member of the #mefirst Project.  This is an amazing opportunity that I just had to try and get my hands on.  I was so bummed when I did not get voted to be the prior fat girl blogger over at Jen's site Priorfatgirl.  But as she stated to all of us she believed in us and wanted us to continue on our weight loss journey.  I have been, although I haven't lost a much weight since this summer I have been working on living a healthier lifestyle.  Yet I often find myself getting lost along the way.  Between work, the kids, the house I often find myself stressed to the max.  This project is meant to work with women like me and help us figure out how to take time for ourselves and how that can aid us in our over all healthiness journey.  I am so excited for this so stay tuned for more on my journey.  Also why not stop by the #mefirst Project website