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So today we took the little man to get his hair cut for the first time. Despite much hesitation on the part of all of his grandparents, we figured it was time. Although some people would day that a first hair cut at over two is late, the little man did not get hair until he was like one. We went to a great little place that specializes in kids cuts and he got to ride in car and played with fun toys. He was so cute while getting his hair cut but he was super serious. Almost concerned, he never cried but had this concerned look on his face. I wonder if just like his mom he was wondering if this made him a little man instead of mommy's little baby!! Then when he was getting ready or his nap he looked up from his crib and said "Kisses and hugs momma" so I leaned over and gave him his kisses and hugs and tucked him in while he snuggled his little stuffed hippo and I think we both realized he will always be my little baby, no matter how many haircuts he gets.
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In Evanovich's 15th novel about Stephanie Plum is another nice addition to the numbers collection. In this novel the main story line revolves around two killers who are chasing Lula who was a witness to a major chef being murdered. This book of course plays to Evanovich's strengths which are the interplay between Plum and her two main men Morelli and Ranger and the mishaps she as in her horrible bounty hunter career. The book ends with the usual cliff hanger of what will happen next and who will Plum end up with Morelli or Ranger.

Although, just like all her other novels, this was a great quick read. Evanovich always writes these greatly humorous scenes that make you laugh out load. She also writes Plum's character in a way that you always want to be her even when she is in disaster mode. She also writes the male characters in such a way that you really wish there was a way she could end up with both of them. My only complaint about this book and her last few novels is that her pattern is getting repetitive. Although the main story line changes each book has the same general pattern: Stephanie gets involved in something bad, she is torn between Ranger and Morelli, she somehow manages to save the day, the book ends with her going to bed with either Ranger or Morelli but never really choosing one of them. Although I really enjoy the series and would read any more that she puts out, I am thinking maybe the series needs to come to a close.

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Here is where I will keep my list of the books that I have read and posted on during the 2009 year. Although I am joining the challenge late, I will do my best to get as much reading in as I can

School Year 09
The Twillight Series
Water for Elephants
The Scent of Sake

Handle with Care-Jodi Picoult

Dancing With Anna-


Bending Towards the Sun by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie
The Essentials Guide To Breastfeeding- ByDr. Marianne Neifert

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American Wife-By Curtis Sittenfeld
  • Paperback: 592 pages
  • Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks (February 10, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0812975405
Part of my 2009-100 + Challenge

When starting to read Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel “American Wife” I quickly scanned the back cover and realized that it was a work of fiction based on a real first lady. So me being the history teacher, I need to immediately know who it was based on. After so quick scanning of the discussion questions, I found out....Laura Bush. BLAHHHHH. I am a very, very liberal person so I went into this book with a bad attitude. Yet I was pleasantly surprised.

I thought that this would be a more biographical piece, where it really was a work of fiction based loosely on a work of fiction. It gave great insight into the now famous incident in Bush’s early years where she was involved with a tragic accident. It also delves into the what it would be like for someone with no political aspirations to become such a high ranking person in American Politics. Although it was a quick and interesting read mostly focus on the main character’s youth and early marriage years, it did seem to go downhill in the last 150 pages. I felt that the book took on an almost whiney/whoa is me attitude at the end that for me took away from the books earlier tone. ALthough I did like this book and would give it a good rating (see below) it is highly political towards the left and I think that most people who were more conservative in their political views would not find this book to their liking and in some cases insulting. Overall, a decent summer read.

Kaylee book review rating ***
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So I do believe that a lot of people have those few things in their lives that they could take back or do over so to speak. Mine happened to be the way a friendship of mine ended back in college. I sent this person a letter a long time ago hoping for a response that never came (I can't blame them the letter was a horrible emotional piece of garbage). So I have since found this person on facebook and began the dilemma in my brain about should I email them or not. So I did. Basically saying, I know things ended back between us and I am sorry and I wished it had turned out differently. I logged on today and was pleasantly surprised that the person had emailed back basically saying "The past is the past and water under the bridge" which was so nice to hear. Yet, even though I have what I wanted, closure on some level, it still is a little lack luster. Not that I wanted no response, not that I wanted an F*** off, not that I wanted to be best friends and share a "moment",but I just feel that it should have been more. I have been waiting to put an end to this unresolved thing in my life for so long and yet, not that I have it, it doesn't seem like quite enough. Then again that is me, I am always wanting more then what for everyone else is enough.
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As part of my "Summer of doing things for me" and my 2009-100 plus challenge I have decided to review my readings. As you can see below I am part of the summer reading challenge. The first book that I read was a classic book by Jodi Picoult My Sister's Keeper. I would have to say that this was one of the best books by Picoult that I have read. I really do enjoy her style of writing, where she writes from multiple character's perspectives, but she did an extraordinary job in this novel. Her character work was outstanding. I particularly enjoyed her character work with the older brother Jessie. She made him such an interesting character and a great addition to the main story line. I think I connected to this because I see everyday how student react to the various situations in their life. I also loved the ending. I of course won't give that away here, but it was a classic twist Picoult ending.

Speaking on the ending of the book... the movie. What happened with the movie. Although the movie did a great choice in choosing actors for the roles, I was really upset by some of the choices that the director/screen writers made. I am fully aware that you can not include every aspect of a book into a movie, but I really feel they did Picoult's book an injustice. They left out some of the greatest character traits of Jesse, who I said before was one of the greatest parts of the book. Also, they changed the ending. I think part of what made this book so amazing was the greatest part, and it was completely different. Although the movie was tied up in a nice neat bow, I think what makes Picoult's books so great is that they aren't nice and neat, they are messy and emotional and great.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but I would tell anyone else that they should wait to rent or netflix's this movie.