Momma Hunt

So today we took the little man to get his hair cut for the first time. Despite much hesitation on the part of all of his grandparents, we figured it was time. Although some people would day that a first hair cut at over two is late, the little man did not get hair until he was like one. We went to a great little place that specializes in kids cuts and he got to ride in car and played with fun toys. He was so cute while getting his hair cut but he was super serious. Almost concerned, he never cried but had this concerned look on his face. I wonder if just like his mom he was wondering if this made him a little man instead of mommy's little baby!! Then when he was getting ready or his nap he looked up from his crib and said "Kisses and hugs momma" so I leaned over and gave him his kisses and hugs and tucked him in while he snuggled his little stuffed hippo and I think we both realized he will always be my little baby, no matter how many haircuts he gets.
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  1. Alexia561 Says:

    Too cute! Hoping Mom didn't cry....and you're right, he will always be your little baby! :)

  2. Unknown Says:

    He looks so super serious - but cute too. Treasure the all the little moments, they pass too quickly.

  3. So I am sitting here killing time until I have to go to my train (well I suppose I should finish packing first but that basically is just stuff everything in). I figure what better time to catch up on my cousins blog? Oh my God! I can't believe how big Dylan is and I love that the hair place had kid-friendly hair wrap things. I have to say- with a two year old I don't know how you are finding time to read! The Twilight series is sitting at home waiting for me. I have read Water for Elephants and it is very good!

  4. Momma Hunt Says:

    I loved, loved, loved Twillight (I am trying not to embarrass myself too much by saying that. I usually read at night before bed and during school everyday we have 15 minutes of required SSR before our lunch period (kids too of course) so I can get a lot done. I am almost done with my first review book for that company so that should be fun to post. Plus they said just to let them know and I can get more.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ha! That picture cracks me up - how incredibly serious!

  6. joyh82 Says:

    My baby boy will be going off to college wed. they grow up way too fast. Your little one is a doll. Have fun it passes too quickly.

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