Over the past few months I have amassed quite a collection of cookbooks, but haven't had much time even in the summer to try out recipes.  So my new goal for the next few weeks will be to pick a recipe from one of new cookbooks, test it out, then review the recipe and book here.  So first up is a beautiful little cookbook titled Vegetarian 101 edited by Perrin Davis.  Now as I mentioned before I have been wanting to eat more vegetarian and vegan cooking and most of the cookbooks I received were just that.  This book is just what I was looking for.  Unlike some other books I have seen recently, this does not have a recipes that have tons of random ingredients that I might only be able to find at nice, yet very expensive whole foods.  This book as longs of great recipes that are down to earth and several are very kid friendly (or in my case Husband friendly).  The recipe that I decided to try out was Orecchiette (little hat pasta) with Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and peppers.  It was a great dish with lots of flavor and very, very easy to make.  We loved it and plan to keep it in the rotation for a meatless meal.  When looking through the cookbook there were lots of recipes that had less then 8 ingredients which is a plus and rarely was there a recipe in which you would not find all the ingredients at the local supermarket.  Also, I found a lot of recipes in here that I could use the veggies from my garden in it which is always a plus.  My only complaint about this book, and others but the same publisher, is that there is no nutritional information.  Yet, all my lazy ass needs to do is go and plug the recipe into My Fitness Pal and I would have it instantly.  I would rate this book a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  So if you are looking for adding some vegetarian options into your meal selections this is the book for you.
My Wee One got glasses
Look Mom I got glasses
Working the Camera
Trying them on for the first time
My Mini me-Had to have glasses too!  
A few days ago online I saw some of my twitter peeps talking about this Project 137.  I looked into and I was sold.  It was a 137 day project in which you spend time everyday reflecting on your life and your day.  The goal is to be more accepting of the life you are living and getting the most out of your life.  The premise behind is to live as though at the end of the 137 days you have made peace with your life. It just happens that 137 days from the start date is Dec 31st.  We were asked to donate to the medical fund for the founders husband who is fighting a major illness.  Every day there are three things to reflect on.  You can post your thoughts or reflect privately on your own.  There is a Facebook page too but I decided that this is a project for me and that I am doing most of my reflecting in a spiffy new journal that I bought a few weeks ago with no specific purpose, I just saw it and had to have it.  Funny how stuff works out like that.  So far I am loving this project and would suggest that everyone check it out.  I doubt there of many of us that could use taking a little time everyday to reflect on your day and your life in a positive manner.  Go and check it out people http://www.37days.com/2012/08/project-137.html 

So meet Biscuit (formal name...Biscuit Beauregard Hunt) the newest and possibility cutest member of the Hunt family.  He is a Daschund mix male pup who is about ten months old.   He is also the official confirmation that I have gone crazy.  With my son returning to school and my daughter heading to daycare for the first time our current dog, Miss Olivia will be alone all day.  So I thought, why not add to our cute little family.  I have been having the baby itches so why not a cute cuddle doggy to take the edge off.  Livy gets a companion to spend her days with, and the Hunt family becomes even again with Three boys and three girls.  Plus look at him isn't he the cutest! 

Hello Everyone-Not only is the tip of my tail white, my paws are too
Mom getting her puppy love
Working on looking small and round
This is his....I did something wrong but still love me face

Well he is the cutest until he is pissing on everything and scared to death of his crate.  What little sanity I had left has been thrown out the window while cleaning up pee spots or coming up with a solution of what to do with said cute dog when we leave the house.  He is a huge pain the ass, but of course I love him.  He fits right in.....Very cute, very lovable, and huge pain in my ass.  He is just like my kids and hubby!  So welcome to the family Biscuit!!!