Momma Hunt

Ok So I have never done this before so lets give it a go-

I am Confessing

-I confess I have a crush on a reality star

-I confess he stars in my fantasies but as time goes on I realize that this fantasy is bad for me

-I confess that this fantasy isn't bad because of who my crush is, or that I am a married mom with two kids with a fantasy boyfriend.  It is bad becuse of who I am in my fantasies

-I confess in my fantasies I am the person I wished I was-Always confident skinny sexy bitch.

-I confess that even more exciting than the man in my fantasies, it is how i look and how I feel as that other me

-I confess that it is unhealthy to have a fantasy where I am someone other than who I am because what I really need to do instead of daydreaming about my Deadliest Catch hottie is to start accepting myself for who I am at this moment

-I confess that this is hard thing to do!
Momma Hunt
Let me start this post with a disclaimer that this book is written by my Sister in Law so of course I am biased.  My sister in law started this book several years ago about her celebrity obsessions and what they meant to her and what they mean to people in general.  Of course I loved this book, but not for the reasons you might think (she is my sister in law).  I loved this book because it hits close to home.  I of course loved reading about Donna's adventures in her celebrity obsession with Clay Aiken then Jason Castro from the hit show American Idol.  What I was really drawn to was her ability and willingness to actually look at why she (and us as fans) become obsessed with people.  Now I do have a celebrity crush who for the time being will remain nameless, but I found myself reading this book thinking about my own reality TV star crush.  As Donna explores both the good and bad of being a fan, I connected deeply to her reflection that the reason we are attracted to celebrities is because there is a void in our own lives.  For her that void had to do with being in a long term relationship and the tough life of a stay at home mom (which we all know can be rough) for me it is the temptation of a fantasy life in which I am 75 pound thinner, way hotter, and get to spend time with crush. The book is a quick read with lots of inspirational quotes that tells two great stories. One story of Donna's life as a fan and mom and a second one of the not so sunny side of celebrity crushes or obsessions.  Later this month I hope to do an author interview and giveaway for a copy of the book, so stay tuned.  I of course give this book five stars, but then again I am of course biased!  Love you Donna!
Momma Hunt
So I have been really trying to work with this eating clean program for a little over five weeks. Most of the time I am sticking to the plan.  No white anything, protein and carbs with each meal, amd no dairy (that is not eating clean that is just my new lactose intolerance).  I lost a few pounds quickly and have been maintaining around a five pound loss for the five weeks, which is not bad.  I am really ahppy with the program and have been recording my food.  I just felt it should be more.  No if ai am being honest the gym and working out has been non exsisten with the return to school and hurricane.  I am just happy the start of the school year wasn't anymore stressful than it already was. 

Yet, of course that 4.6 pounds wasn't enough for me, I wasn't happy.  I felt like I looked better than four pounds.  So I busted out the good ole tape measure.  Guess what, this eating clean thing is working.  I have lost over an inch on my waist and an inch on my thighs and hips and chest (one inch on each not just all together) that is a big deal in just five weeks.  So I am going to have faith.  Faith that what I am doing is going to work to get me to loose weight, faith that this is how I should be eating forever, and faith that I can do this!  If i doubt, the proof is there. 
Momma Hunt

Well two weeks has passed and I am finally starting to feel back in the swing of things.  Although I desperately love my job, it is always hard to transition back from being home with the family to getting back to work.  Add to this the hurricane and no power for several days made a hairy start to the school year.  My son started preschool with great success.  Not a single tear shed (well by him, mom was a wee bit emotional). Now to be honest with all this going on normally this would be an excuse to
Thumbs up for starting school
Riding with J to school
eat junk and gain five pounds.  Well although I have been maintaining after a quick five pound loss while eating clean I am pleased with that.  Something had to give with this new back to school business and sadly it was working out. I am pleased to say that I am back on track and started scheduling my workouts again.  Plus I cooked a ton on Sunday to prepare for this new week of eating healthy and clean.  Although I have been off the grid on my blog, I have been faithfully reading blogs and keeping up with twitter.  So glad to be back in bloggy business again.
See ya Dad and Grandpa