Momma Hunt

Well two weeks has passed and I am finally starting to feel back in the swing of things.  Although I desperately love my job, it is always hard to transition back from being home with the family to getting back to work.  Add to this the hurricane and no power for several days made a hairy start to the school year.  My son started preschool with great success.  Not a single tear shed (well by him, mom was a wee bit emotional). Now to be honest with all this going on normally this would be an excuse to
Thumbs up for starting school
Riding with J to school
eat junk and gain five pounds.  Well although I have been maintaining after a quick five pound loss while eating clean I am pleased with that.  Something had to give with this new back to school business and sadly it was working out. I am pleased to say that I am back on track and started scheduling my workouts again.  Plus I cooked a ton on Sunday to prepare for this new week of eating healthy and clean.  Although I have been off the grid on my blog, I have been faithfully reading blogs and keeping up with twitter.  So glad to be back in bloggy business again.
See ya Dad and Grandpa
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