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I don't want anyone to think I have gone off on a bender and am eating myself its something equally as devastating..................The end of summer!!!!  In a week from Monday I will be back working full time and I am already stressed about getting my classroom set up, my lessons revised, and my graduate class done.  Not to mention my wee little man is going to school for the first time!  So although my new eating clean plan has gone amazing -3 pounds, I am tracking my food, and I am doing the weight challenge from prior fat girl....I just needed to take some time to get my life in order before going back to work.  I will start posting again regularly in about two weeks as well as faithfully reading blogs from my reading.  Right now all I can manage are those who post links on twitter.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and see you all in a few weeks!
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  1. Ryan Yewell Says:


    I just wanted to say "thanks" for stopping by my site... I will post the odd (and hopefully interesting) post on twitter that links back to my site's post, so that you might have a chance to check something out between all the preparation for the start of school year...

    By the way, it's crazy that summer is almost over... Where I live (Vancouver, BC, Canada) it feels like we just got summer 2 weeks ago!!!

    Best of luck with the preparations, sending good vibes that the school year will kick of with a (good) bang!


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