Momma Hunt
Revised Goals

50 Pounds-By my 31st bday at the end of March

70 Pounds-By end of School in June

80 Pounds-By Start fo School in September

90 Pounds-By Jan 2012
Momma Hunt
Well after much soul searching I have realized that it is time to get tough with myself. As a mom and a teacher of teenagers I would never in a million years take the mountain of excuses that I come up with for not exercising and loosing weight. If my son gave this much attitude he would be in time out and if it were my students I would tell them to stop whining at me and just do what they have to do. So why have I been allowing myself to make excuses. I think the reason is because the thought of 80 pounds is so overwhelming it cripples me. So with the suggestion the person who is helping me with my eating issues she suggested that along with a reward for a small goal I need to have a negative consequence if I don't meet that goal. So here it is in writing I know the amount seems a bit much but I am nursing so that can really help provided I don't eat like a trucker. My goal 25 pounds by Labor Day. The reward 50.00 to the shoe store. The negative consequence 50.00 to the charity I hate the most knowing that for the next few years they will be sending me flyers etc. So here we go, no excuses its time to get the job done. I am getting tough, I mean it!!!
Momma Hunt
I am continue to read the graphic novel series Y-The Last Man. I am now on volume two and I am still really liking it. As I have said before I typically humor my hubby about reading comic book type stuff, but I am really liking this series. The premise is that all the men on the planet have been killed off and someone how this one guy and his monkey survive and no one knows why. This series focused more on the man character's relationship with his sister which was very interesting. To me the best part of this volume was the society of all women who were former prisoners. When you first meet these women all you know is that their community is way more advanced than any other one around and come it find out it is because they all lived in prison together. What is interesting is the thought that the only group of women who are really doing well in this post male society are the ones who were living in a non male society prior to this disaster. If you are looking for something different to get into, give these graphic novels a shot.
Momma Hunt
Ok so we all have those photos of us that make us want to throw up. Well I saw one this weekend. I realize I am way overweight but sometimes it hits me harder then I want it to. This past weekend was my daughter's christening I went out and got a dress that I felt really good in. My hubby said I looked good and that I needed to stop looking for another dress because the one that would make me look 50 pounds thinner wasn't out there and this one was great. My best friend said it looks super good especially with my boobs that might now have their own orbit. So needless to say when I saw the below photo I got really upset. I know that realistically it was a horrible camera angle and the dress was all scrunched up from sitting in the church pew but it hit me. I am that big again, I am going to have to loose 80 plus pounds. I feel that this is a kick in the pants to get my butt in gear. Yet, I know I can't be too hard on myself because there were better photos of me looking really nice in that dress. Yet, there is always that negative voice in my head that needs to go!
Momma Hunt

So this past Saturday I entered my little girl into her first pageant. Our local town has a strawberry festival and you could enter kids and they would be judged on their use of the strawberry theme. I have no intention of being one of those mom's from Toddlers and Tiaras but she did have a super cute strawberry dress (a hand me down) and I figured what the hell. So I get her in her strawberry outfit, I even glued on a printed strawberry to her bow. Her father made fun of me telling me I was "that mother" well five minutes after we showed up at the pageant he turned to me and said "
Ok so I take that back, you are soooooo not that mom, these wackos are" In the 0-12months category there were at least four or five little babies in full blown hand made strawberry costumes and the baby that won had a handmade white gown with strawberries and red lace sewn on it and her hair was done with a matching bow. I couldn't stop laughing at my own stupidity that I figured I was the one going overboard with the full strawberry outfit. Needless to say my little girl was a bit under dressed for this competition . And you know what that is ok , because I will never be that mother. The one in the competition after us 1-2 years whose daughter had a skirt that was made to look like a stuffed basket and her top made her look like the strawberry in the basket. I am totally ok with out being that mother although she was totally robbed of the title because she was clearly the cutest baby there!!!!
Momma Hunt
Apparently no one informed me at three my son would during into a broken record. The kind that will ask a question 1000 times even though he already got an answer. Now I am not talking about the kid who asks a question and gets the answer they don't like (the big NO) Im talking about when he gets the answer he does like. As we are now one day away from my son coming home and staying home with me until I head back to work in September I start to wonder if I can do it. Not the stay at home with him thing, I mean the ability not to ignore him after the first question and run naked down the street naked for the co-po to come pick me up and take me away. For those who know it may seem odd that I have a lack of patience when it comes to this, I spend my day teaching 100 high school seniors (the low level ones with discipline problems no less) but I can handle them. Then again I have a certain way of dealing with them that does not work with my son. Please see below

Student "Do we have homework
Momma Hunt "Your homework tonight is to read pages 100-110 and take notes"
Student "Do we need to take notes"
Momma Hunt "Nope, not all. I just said to take notes for the fun"
Student "Oh I need to take notes...OK"
(Worked like a charm)

(The names have been changed to protect the guilty)
Reno the Repeater "Momma may I have dessert after my dinner"
Momma Hunt "Yes Reno you may after you finish your dinner"
Reno "Momma can I have dessert please"
Momma Hunt "No, You can't, that is why I just said yes"
Momma Hunt "help me"

You can see how my usual tactic of dealing with this no longer works! Perhaps I need to revise my strategy. Or there is always that running naked down the street option (although my post baby body is not ideal for that)
Momma Hunt
S o this week I have been really working hard and making time to exercise. My hubby and I even took the kids to the mall and walked for about 40 minutes and then went to the play area with my son. My eating has been ok , not great. I think when I lost four pounds last week I got a bit sloppy with some of my choices....but back to the exercise. I have been trying really hard to exercise everyday no matter what. Last night I even busted out the EA Sports which is a fairly hard workout and will be doing it again in about an hour after I feed the baby before I meet another mommy for lunch. But let me tell you about THE DAY FROM HELL.

Now that a few days have passed I don't think it was really that bad in retrospect but when you are living it. IT SUCKS. Sometimes the stay at home mom bit takes my breath away (and not in a good way) My daughter has been having issues with spitting up after eating. So
on Friday we were doing good enjoying a quiet morning then I decided to try and exercise. She started crying so she ate, then spit up all over me and herself. Two outfits later (for both of us) she was settled in. I finally get the baby settled, myself fed, and am ready to exercise. My hubby calls and wants to the mow the lawn which means I need to pick up my son from daycare (20min away from our house). So now I have to wake up the baby, feed her, and of course she spits up over EVERYTHING. So another outfit later (for both of us) we are in the car. As soon as I get my son in the car, I know what kind of mood he is in. The kind only a tired three year old can achieve. By some miracle of God we get through dinner and he is in bed. So I figure instead of Wii Fit or a tape I will just take the dog for a nice long walk. Well we get out of the driveway, she drops a poop, and then proceeds to do the doggy poop squat in the road and refuses to move. Four pooplets later and the bag filled with squishy doggy poop I have to drag her home. Not to mention my ipod dies while walking. I bring the dog in now I am really pissed and hostile and my husband says to me "Whoa you have been in a really bad mood lately" to which leads to a 20min discussio
n about my mental well being. So I am ready to take a shower and my husband goes "Honey don't you want to exercise" my brain is screaming NO NO NO NO. So what do I do. Have a crying moment in the bathroom and come out and workout for a half hour then take my shower. I figured if after a day like that, that is when I really need to exercise. I was proud and glad that day was over.

Well off to exercise.
Momma Hunt
I have struggled with my weight forever. If you look at this past post you will see that even during my pregnancy I had to watch my weight. I did ok this pregnancy and gained somewhere around 30 unlike the 60 last time. The problem was I did not loose all of that 60 from the first time, plus I was overweight to begin with. With the help of a lovely Dr I am really working hard to overcome some of my eating issues, and I do have a lot of them. I realized the second that I got pregnant with a little girl I needed to get my butt in gear and make sure that I was a good role model of what a healthy woman looks like and what a healthy woman eats like. So after quickly loosing 20 pounds, then gaining five it back I have committed to working on healthy eating. I have been putting off starting this journey for a 100 reasons but the main one is because it is hard. It is hard to make the effort to exercise, it is hard to give up the things I love, it is hard to say no thank you I don't want that super tasty dessert (or whatever treat you put in front of me). Years ago I did weight watchers and lost a lot of weight but I couldn't keep it off and that was devastating (and hard to deal with). So I have come to the conclusion that the only way I am going to do this is with hard work. Hard work at exercising, hard work at eating right, and hard work at getting my head and heart in the right place. Hard work sucks but then I just need to look at my two beautiful children and realize that if they aren't worth the hard work, then what is.

So hear we go again.... Hopefully this will be the last time I have to loose the weight and then I can keep it off forever