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S o this week I have been really working hard and making time to exercise. My hubby and I even took the kids to the mall and walked for about 40 minutes and then went to the play area with my son. My eating has been ok , not great. I think when I lost four pounds last week I got a bit sloppy with some of my choices....but back to the exercise. I have been trying really hard to exercise everyday no matter what. Last night I even busted out the EA Sports which is a fairly hard workout and will be doing it again in about an hour after I feed the baby before I meet another mommy for lunch. But let me tell you about THE DAY FROM HELL.

Now that a few days have passed I don't think it was really that bad in retrospect but when you are living it. IT SUCKS. Sometimes the stay at home mom bit takes my breath away (and not in a good way) My daughter has been having issues with spitting up after eating. So
on Friday we were doing good enjoying a quiet morning then I decided to try and exercise. She started crying so she ate, then spit up all over me and herself. Two outfits later (for both of us) she was settled in. I finally get the baby settled, myself fed, and am ready to exercise. My hubby calls and wants to the mow the lawn which means I need to pick up my son from daycare (20min away from our house). So now I have to wake up the baby, feed her, and of course she spits up over EVERYTHING. So another outfit later (for both of us) we are in the car. As soon as I get my son in the car, I know what kind of mood he is in. The kind only a tired three year old can achieve. By some miracle of God we get through dinner and he is in bed. So I figure instead of Wii Fit or a tape I will just take the dog for a nice long walk. Well we get out of the driveway, she drops a poop, and then proceeds to do the doggy poop squat in the road and refuses to move. Four pooplets later and the bag filled with squishy doggy poop I have to drag her home. Not to mention my ipod dies while walking. I bring the dog in now I am really pissed and hostile and my husband says to me "Whoa you have been in a really bad mood lately" to which leads to a 20min discussio
n about my mental well being. So I am ready to take a shower and my husband goes "Honey don't you want to exercise" my brain is screaming NO NO NO NO. So what do I do. Have a crying moment in the bathroom and come out and workout for a half hour then take my shower. I figured if after a day like that, that is when I really need to exercise. I was proud and glad that day was over.

Well off to exercise.
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  1. Jenni Says:

    Hey, at least you're trying. The only exercise I can fit in is folding laundry and chasing toddlers. Unless I get up at 4:30AM or exercise at 9PM, and I'd rather be sleeping during both of those hours.

  2. Kitten Says:

    I seem to have a lot of days like that, and I don't even have children...unless you count the middle schoolers I teach!

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