So just a quick post because it has been a crazy day.  The kiddos were over the grandparents so we had a nice night with no kids.  I got a great night sleep for the first time in ages.  Then we had a former student come over to do yard work because we had some extra money, then right before the kid gets here the dishwasher bites the shitter.  Then  no lie three hours later we get a bill for having the furnace fixed (I thought it was covered ) for 250 bucks.  So yard work+Dishwasher+furnace bill=1000!  Ahhhh, It has been a crazy day.  Ok on to the update...I was up .4 pounds which I was ok because last week for my weight in I think I was down more than I should be.  I also did not exercise as much as I really wanted to this week.  I had hoped to get to the gym more but my little guy got sick and that ended any gym time that I had on the books.  My goal for this week is to have a great workout four times this week and be sure to record all my food.  I am also trying not to stress eat too much considering the money issues and a few other items that I will write about when I am not so tired.  Who would have though one good night sleep could make a girl so tired the next day.
I was reading a blog today from Kipp over at If you Nibble it, Scribble it about our ability to forgive ourselves when it comes to weight loss or our lack of it.  Kipp talked very openly about how hard it is to forgive ourselves when we aren't doing exactly what we need to loose our weight.  How it is easier to forgive our worst enemies but to forgive ourselves for not doing something like going to the gym is nearly impossible.  For me, one bad day....one missed scheduled gym appointment means I get so mad at myself that I often allow that negative moment to impact the days ahead.  I am an all or nothing girl.  So I often feel that if I am being bad...then why not eat what I want, why not go to the gym.   This is thinking that I need to change.  I want to be able to forgive those moments that I feel I am being bad...and just realize it isn't good or bad...it is life.  There are times when I will eat more and eat really decadent things.  There are times where there will not be time to work out...that is ok that is life.  I need to start realizing that I need to forgive myself and learn to live my life in a healthy way.  

So thank you Kipp for putting into words what I have been feeling for a long time.  Tomorrow is my weigh in.  Not hoping for much since exercising hasn't been ideal this week.  We shall see...
Ever since I realized that I have a fairly significant lactose intolerance I have been looking for different recipes to keep up with my baking.  In the Hunt Household we love our muffins.  Especially the wee ones.  For me muffins (provided they aren't to unhealthy) are a great quick breakfast for us.  So when I was offered a Vegan muffin book I was excited. Although I do eggs, Vegan baking is a great way for me to get those baked treats I love but without the dairy.  Although there were tons of muffins I could make I gravitated to the pumpkin muffins.  My kids and I both love them.  Can I tell you how darn tasty they were....so stinking good.  

I do hate this word....but considering they had no egg or oil in them they were Moist.  In fact they were so good, I have made them three times since receiving the cookbook.

My overall review of the cookbook is a great one.  There are a variety of muffins, from yummy transitional muffins like the ones above.  They also have a variety of healthier options as well as savory muffins.  For anyone who is looking to avoid dairy or who is Vegan this is a great option.  I would give it a 4/5.  The only reason it would be a four is there is no nutritional information provided with the muffins.  This for me is a must in all foods.  So if you are a muffin girl like me....go check it out

Ok first things first my weekly update (which clearly I haven't ever really been so good at doing).  This week I lost a pound...which gets rid of the weight I gained awhile back.  This puts me right back at where I am holding solid at 216.8 (grrrr that number angers me). It scares me to write it but i figured I needed to.  Why because I never talk about that number.  I am embarrassed by that number.  I want to kick that number in the f-ing face.  Yet that same number can cripple me (especially like this am when the number was way higher than that).  I get so overwhelmed sometimes with the fact that I haven't really lost any weight for months now.  I get overwhelmed with how can I loose weight this time around when last time I was at the gym six days a week.  How can I do this.  So since the last few days this weight loss thing has seemed to overwhelm me I am going to try and take it at baby steps.  This week my goal is to work out four times (1/4 completed) and I mean really work out...not just walking the dog, but Gym or fitness tape.  My next goal is to drink all my water from now till Friday.  I haven't been drinking enough water and know that was helpful the first time around on WW.  Finally, my plan is just to work the plan...If I am really honest. No lying, no cheating on my points (we all know we can enter whatever we want whether it sit he truth or not) and just be patient with myself.   This is the hardest for me.  Not to think about where I want to be, or where i should be, but where I am right now.  I was going to go home and rush a workout before the hubs gets home with the kiddos, instead I am going to drink some water and plan my time at the gym for Tuesday, Wednesday, and probably Friday.  I need to be honest about my ability to work out.  No sense in doing what I did last it me which was crazy working out so I gain back the weight.  Ok I am done rambling now, back to my pile of grading that is leading to my overwhelming feeling. 
Only a few weeks late but a few of my favorite photos from Easter!!!

Dylan using his new cutting book
Josie checking out her Easter Basket
The Hunt Begins
Mommy's Princess in her Pretty Easter Dress
My new favorite picture of my little lady-Including  princess slippers

Dylan never stops-So the best photo I could get of him-Jazz hands and all

So for awhile now...lets be honest here about seven months I have been hovering around the same weight.  I have been watching some of my online friends doing great...and I am just holding solid at my 35-40 pound loss.  I have seen people get down to business and here I am sitting around.  I even have some amazing coworkers who have lost some weight and are looking great.  I am jealous...well sort of jealous.  I can't really be too jealous because if I am being honest I haven't been trying.  It is hard to admit, I have been coasting.  I haven't been working out as much as I would like.  I have been eating more crap then I should and yet somehow thinking I can loose weight.  I know this is where my body likes to be.  I know I need to start busting my ass at the gym and eating only my points on most days.  I know this.  I said a few weeks ago that I was going to try counting calories and I am still doing that but am more faithful finally to my weight watchers tracker.  I know I am not trying hard enough to warrant a weight loss.  I know I should be ok with that I have managed to maintain a larger weight loss but I still have more to go I want to loose about 40 more before I am willing to consider even thinking about maintaining my weight.  So I have been using this week of vacation to really focus on my health.  I have been working out hard this week, tracking my food (good and bad) trying really hard to make a change.  I have to realize that only way I am going to get my weight under control is if I get my ass in gear and get down to business.  It sucks and its hard but I need to get it done and stop floundering.  I know I have said this 1000 times but as long as I say this one more time then I "mess up" then I am good right!  Hopefully I will be reporting some good losses soon.  I think I need to start using this blog a bit more for my weight loss venture then mommy stuff for a bit as another form of accountability.   We shall see!  Hope you are all willing to follow me along in another try at getting my weight into onederland again!
So something has been weighing on me for awhile now.  It is something that I need to work on.  It is that I take things way to personally.  This of course stems from my ability to make everything all about me!  I often find that when people do not want to do things with me or my family....I take that personally.  Rather than just go "f-them" I always think that there is something wrong with me and that maybe if I tried harder, was nicer, or put in more effort that it would change the situation.  Lately, I have come to the sad conclusion that this is not the case.  No matter what I do I can't change someone else's thoughts, feelings, and values.  Its too bad because if everyone thought like I did life would be way easier.  :-)

I know I am sort of rambling....I just have been struggling with the not getting really upset about a series of events that have happened at my work and home life and to not take them personally.  I think this is part of my new learning curve.  I am starting to realize that I need to be confident in me and my family and stop caring about what others think of me.  Even more than that not taking things so personally and let them change my mood or what I do.

That being said I am really trying to use my vacation to get my focus back. Focus on me and my health, focus on my family, and finding my balance between work, family, and fun time.

Well off to have a second cup of coffee and watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with me wee one #2
Hope you are all having a great day

Also, a few photos of me enjoying my vacation Mom Style

I was recently sent some samples of Clean and Green pet cleaning products to test out.  Of course since I have a cute, yet always shedding doggy, I love me some pet products.  I was given two products one is their version of Febreeze, yet all natural and non scented and the second was a floor cleaner.  What is nice is that the created of the product is an animal lover and wanted to create a product that was safe for all her children (pets included).  So she created a product that was safe for children, animals, and the planet.  I can say that I have been lucky and have not had to bust out the pet floor cleaner, thank you Livy for being a good girl in the house.  I have however used the carpet and upholstery cleaner and I am a big fan. Unlike Febreeze it has no order, yet makes the furniture not smell like puppy.  It also doesn't make my dog sneeze for an hour or two because Febreeze makes Livy go crazy with the sneezing (hence why it is probably not the greatest thing to use in our home.

Also, the website is great!  All the products are listed on there along with tips and techniques and a great blog to poke around in.  They were also nice enough for me to offer someone the opportunity to try out their amazing products for themselves. What a great way to celebrate Earth day then with a giveaway of Green Products.  If you are interested in winning a free product pleats take a minute to visit Clean and Green's website www.odorandstainremover.com and let me know which Clean and Green product you would like to win.  The winner will be chosen on May 1....good luck
So lets just begin to discuss how this is completely awe inspiring to me.  I can't believe that two years has passed since my wee one was born.  She has evolved for a cute chubby baby to an amazingly cute little person...or should I say Diva.  Every single day she amazes me with the person she is becoming and I can only hope that I will be able to be as loved by her as I am today.  Here are a few photos from her birthday.  The last one is my new favorite

My cupcake masterpiece

Cupcake tower
Josie and her boyfriend Matty sharing a pre lunch snack
Josie and Cousin Faith opening gifts.  Josie standing on her gifts
Celebrating Josie's Birthday and the Children's Museum playing with the Giant Light Bright

Josie on the move-She loved the painted cow

My favorite Picture of Josie in her costume made Minnie Mouse Dress
Happy Birthday-My Josie Poesy 

A few months ago Robert Rose Inc sent me an amazing offer. They allowed me to choose several cookbooks from their newest spring collections to preview.  I am a lucky girl what can I saw.  So the first books to arrive from my selection were two cookbooks from The Best of the Bridge collection.  This is a collection of cookbooks.  A group of women who would get together regularly to have some girl time decided since they spent a lot of their time discussing their favorite recipes why not make a cookbook and they series was born.  I got to review both cookbooks and liked them both.  I made the Vegetarian Texas Tacos from The Rest of the Best and More and made the Southwestern Breakfast Scramble in The Best and the Best and More.  I loved both recipes I made but before I get into that I want to go into my overall thoughts on the books.  I thought the books were really well done and a favorite of mine is that the books are in spiral bound books so that page lay flat when you are using them which is a huge plus over trying to figure out how to keep the pages open while cooking.  Also, although I have only made two recipes from here it is currently filled with sticky notes of pages that I have tabbed that I want to make at a later date.  My criticisms of these books are minimal the first is that as those who read my blog know...I am a freak about counting calories and points and there is no nutritional information for their recipes.  Which means I have to input it into recipe builder on weight watchers or estimate when using sparkpeople.  That is a pain, but if you are not into that these would be great books.  Also, most of these recipes are not "diet" friendly they are more Paula Deen, yummy, tasty, and many not waist line friendly.  My other critique is that there are not enough pictures.  I love cookbooks that are loaded with pictures.  Not that there are not any pictures I just like a high picture to recipe ratio.

Well on to the food.  The southwestern breakfast scramble was a big hit.  It involved yummy hash browns on the bottom covered with eggs, cilantro onions, peppers, and black beans.  I made it for Papa Hunt's live draft baseball breakfast thingy..all the boys loved it so I will count that as a success.  I loved it so much that I have made it for breakfast twice now and even done some modifications to it with my ingredients and it still super yummy.

The other more recent recipe that I made was the Vegetarian Texas Tacos.  I am allowed to share this recipe with my readers so here goes
1Tbls-Vegetable Oil
1 Medium Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
4tsp Cumin
4tsp Chili Powder
2 Cans of Pinto or black beans-Drained and Rinsed
3/4 frozen corn
Salt to taste
3/4 Cup Monterrey Jack
1/4 Cup Cheddar
Tortillas for wrapping

1.  Preheat Oven to 350
2. Heat Oil in the large pan add onion and garlic and cook until translucent (about Five Minutes)
3.  Add the Cumin and Chili Powder until they are aromatic about 1-2 minutes more then add the salsa and black beans and mash with a potato masher until it is the desired consistency and add the corn
4.  Add the mixture to a baking dish and then sprinkle with the cheeses.
5. Bake for 15-20 until the cheese is all melty
6.  Scoop into warm tortillas and top with toppings of your choice

Ok-so first I need to fess up I forgot the corn...oh well it was damn tasty without it.  Even before I put in a tortilla it was so good.  It was better then most Chili's I make and I make some good chili.  Not to mention this was super quick.  Yet, when you added it to the tortilla, yum!

My overall Review and Rating 4/5-This a great cookbook for someone who is looking for a cookbook for entertaining or good family recipes, but might not be the greatest selection for someone who is really strict about what they like to eat.
I know I have been talking about being stuck weight loss wise forever....lets be honest I have been give or take the same weight since ohhh F-ing August....seriously....August.  FML  Yet, I can only get so mad at myself I have not been putting in the effort I should be.  For me to get under the weight that I currently am (This is the weight I was at for several years after loosing an initial 30 pounds in college) this the weight that I got stuck at after having my son, and this is where I am now.  This is where the fat me want to be.  To get under it I have to be on my game....counting points calories...and working out.  I know I also need to work not the muscle building thing.  So I am joining my new friend Dawn from twitter (she also has an awesome blog check it out) on trying Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  Those of you who read this who know me...I may be the crippled chic on Tuesday who can't walk.  Jillian is mean...then again I need mean!  So last week in frustration with my weight loss, my apathy about things in general...I decided to trust my hair stylist (he has been a friend from hs so I trust him to be honest) and I cut off all my hair.  You know what I love it.  It makes me feel pretty.   It makes me realize I need to put myself first and do things for me.  Even if they are scary.  Cutting my hair off was scary, working out is hard, managing my time better and spending less time blogging (although I have a ton of posts lines up) and on social media sucks...but you know what that is what is best.  So just like my hair I am going to try and do some new things.
1.  I am going to make an effort to do my new hair as often as I can before work
2.  I am going to do some form of exercise everyday...30 day shred, shrinking jeans challenge, or even walking the dog or a 20min turbo jam
3.  Instead of immediately using free time for social media, blogging, reading blogs, or playing games on my phone I need to use my free time for grading, working out, and house work etc.  Then I can have my "fun" It might not be pretty but it needs to be done.

So here is to the new me!

So for those who know me personally you know that I am obsessed with my nails.  They are always polished and up until a few months ago they were always fake.  So I decided to get rid of the fakes and starting painting at home.  This has led to an all new obsession of buying polishes and checking out blogs.  Two of my favorite blogs are http://icynails.blogspot.com/ and http://polishorperish.blogspot.com/ . Well how excited was I when I heard that Polish or Perish was looking for a new nail girl.  Well even though I don't blog about my nails...mainly because they were so busted from having my fake nails taken off that I figured why not apply and see.  Only issue they needed to see my pics of my nails.  Well, they only place I have them is in Pinterest with other people's nails who I love. So I decided to load up a few of my favorite nail pics for them to see....and you my readers as well

My newest Find-Sally Hansen Complete Manicure-Commader and Chic:  Went on great but the color is a wee blah.  Yet, if it stays on like my other Compete manicures do...a great work week option.  My Complete Manicure in Shall we dance is the only nail polish I can get to stay on for more than two days.  We are almost to day two with no chips in sight.

Zoya Katarina: Great color dark sparkly gray-Only issue is it really showed the ridges in my nails from where my fake nails used.  It also only lasted a day and half before it chipped.  A work friend suggested that with the Zoya polish to only use Zoya topcoat.  Perhaps that is a next buy for me

Sorry for the blurriness since I paint my nails at night it is hard to get good light on the photo
Sinful Colors-Gorgeous.  For a non OPI or China Glaze I loved it.  Great fun bright color.  Went on great lasted for a few days.  Then when it chipped look at next photo

This is Sinful Colors underneath OPI black shatter.  A work friend suggested to extend the life of my manicure when I do a light color throw over a layer of shatter being sure to cover and chips.  Sure enough I got a few more days out of the manicure and what an amazing color combo.  You can also see here how busted up my nails are from my nail removal

Just wanted to put up a quick post that I am not dead, injured, or eating myself into oblivion somewhere.  I have just been crazy busy.  Not only was it my baby girl's second birthday, it was my birthday, my son's vacation from school (which neither of his teacher parents had off) and add to that the end of the marking period means tons of kids all of a sudden remembering they have work to make up.  Leads to being crazy busy.  I will hopefully be catching up with posts over the long holiday weekend.  I have been a busy little cook testing out lots of recipes from some of the great cookbooks I have been given to review.  Hope you are all well too!