So for awhile now...lets be honest here about seven months I have been hovering around the same weight.  I have been watching some of my online friends doing great...and I am just holding solid at my 35-40 pound loss.  I have seen people get down to business and here I am sitting around.  I even have some amazing coworkers who have lost some weight and are looking great.  I am jealous...well sort of jealous.  I can't really be too jealous because if I am being honest I haven't been trying.  It is hard to admit, I have been coasting.  I haven't been working out as much as I would like.  I have been eating more crap then I should and yet somehow thinking I can loose weight.  I know this is where my body likes to be.  I know I need to start busting my ass at the gym and eating only my points on most days.  I know this.  I said a few weeks ago that I was going to try counting calories and I am still doing that but am more faithful finally to my weight watchers tracker.  I know I am not trying hard enough to warrant a weight loss.  I know I should be ok with that I have managed to maintain a larger weight loss but I still have more to go I want to loose about 40 more before I am willing to consider even thinking about maintaining my weight.  So I have been using this week of vacation to really focus on my health.  I have been working out hard this week, tracking my food (good and bad) trying really hard to make a change.  I have to realize that only way I am going to get my weight under control is if I get my ass in gear and get down to business.  It sucks and its hard but I need to get it done and stop floundering.  I know I have said this 1000 times but as long as I say this one more time then I "mess up" then I am good right!  Hopefully I will be reporting some good losses soon.  I think I need to start using this blog a bit more for my weight loss venture then mommy stuff for a bit as another form of accountability.   We shall see!  Hope you are all willing to follow me along in another try at getting my weight into onederland again!
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  1. Rah rah! I can be a cheerleader! Go Erica!

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