Momma Hunt
Ok so yesterday I had a rough rough day. I was having horrible hip pain (which I have been having for the last two months) and sizable amount of pressure and contractions. With the baby only two weeks away I was feeling crappy to say the least. So being the facebook/twitter junkie that I am I posted on my status that I felt the ninth month of pregnancy was overrated. Well the first comment I receive was for a colleague at work saying that perhaps I should remember those people who want to have children and can't and to enjoy it. So I instantly feel like an a-hole and a piece of garbage. I do have friends (mainly co-workers) who have struggled or are struggling with fertility issues. I know the person who posted this has struggled with with getting pregnant. I totally felt like garbage and felt bad about making this comment and striking a nerve with her and possibly other people. Then I started to think.

Not that my comment wouldn't have offended people, but I started to question is facebook the place to remind someone that they might not be being politically correct (for lack of a better word). Yesterday was a tough day for me, if one of my friends (even those who are experiencing infertility) asked me how I was doing, I don't think I would have lied and slapped a smile on my face and pretended I wasn't in horrible pain and still having to work for another week. So now I start to feel guilty for getting annoyed about these comments I made. What can I say I am working mom and have guilt down to a science.

So I am wondering what are your thoughts? Was I totally insensitive? Was the comment uncalled for in response to my complaining? Would you restrict yourself on facebook/twitter because you don't want to offend people?

Momma Hunt

Over the past few months I have been privileged enough to be a Guinea pig of Ann. A co-worker and friend of my hubby. She has been developing a wide range of body products that contain all natural ingredients. I was lucky enough to sample several of the lip balms, the body scrub, the lotion stick, as well as the body cream. All of which I loved. All of my lotion samples came scented with Lavender, which I was nervous about since sometimes I don't like the smell of lavender. Yet I loved the smell, very calming and relaxing. My favorite product was easily the lotion stick that I use nightly on my very big baby belly and I love it. My husband loves the body scrub lotion for his dry skin, and we both swear by the lip balm. Although Anne is just getting started in her business you w ould never know it by the profession look and most importantly superior quality of her products. I like the products so much that I recently bought some for a baby shower gift for a nice treat for the expectant mommy. So if you are in need of a gift, for yourself or a friend, check out Ann's Good Stuff