I don't want to call this a hiatus or a vacation...that makes it sound like I am going to be sitting around on my ass not doing anything.  I am going on a sabbatical-where there will be lots of work happening.  As I mentioned in my last post-things with my son are rough.  Although his sleeping has gotten better we are noticing other issues.  We finally called the doctor and have an appointment with our child psychologist.  Although I know this is a much needed step in the right direction it is still a very hard thing to walk through that door again.  So as much as I love my little blog, this little corner of world that is just mine-I have a lot of work that I need to focus on.

This school year has kicked my ass
The no sleep has kicked my ass
My family life has kicked my ass
My weight loss journey has been kicking my ass

So I am tired of feeling tired and beat up.  From today probably until summer I am getting down to business on kicking back.  I am going to focused on my family, my work, and getting my mental and physical well being where it needs to be.  Sadly that means I need to cut out all the non-essentials.  For me that is my blog, twitter, and most of facebook.  As much as I love these things they are not where my time needs to be.  I do have fun things to share (like a new venture in weigh loss that is going well and some amazing product reviews I haven't gotten to yet

    Please check out this great bible book for girls its amazing
    Also pick up these veggie fries-Amazing and GMO free

I promise when I get back they will get the full review they deserve

I may be back sooner, but right now I need to focus on my and my family and have to cut out all the extra.  I shall miss my little space but right now there are things that need my attention more.  I will you all when my sabbatical is over!