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Ok so I never read comic books, perhaps it is a boycott of the huge vast collection that my husband has in our office that I never understood. He is an avid collector, reads several series, and collects even more, so I think sometimes I don't read comics or graphic novels out of spite. Then again, he also does not understand the joy that comes from buying several pairs of shoes. Anywho.........My husband has read what he refers to as the most amazing graphic novel of our time. He loved it so much he asked me to read it as well. I was hesitant at best, but I he promised if i hated it, I would not have to read the rest of the books. So I sucked it up and read the first volume of this graphic novel. Needless to say, I think he was right, it was good, really good.

Y-The Last man is a graphic novel based on story line that a virus/disease of somes sort has wiped out the entire male population except for one man. His mother is currently a high ranking official in the government and now he becomes something that everyone wants, the last man. Some people want to get their hands on this guy so that he can repopulate the earth, other "feminists" want him to kill him so that the world can be ruled by women (cloning is occuring so there really isn't a "need" for men). Yet this guy only wants one thing, his girlfriend who is on the other side of the world. This volume leaves off on this man sneaking away from his security detail to go and find his girlfriend without regarding the fact he is the most important person in the world and needs to be careful.

Although reading a story in comic form is still a bit out of my comfort zone, I love the story line enough to plug along and read some more of the series. It is a quick fun read for someone who is looking into reading something other than the norm.
Momma Hunt

Despite the fact that I spend my day with about 100 or so high schoolers (mainly Juniors and Seniors) there are times that I am scared to grow old. Many of this kids are given everything they want without working for it, they are disrespectful, and the general apathy that they have for life in general can sometimes get overwhelming. Although most of the time I love my job and my students sometimes it hard not to get nervous about who is going to be taking care of me and our nation when we get older. Last week was one of those weeks, until I went to the grocery store. We had a busy weekend planned so we decided that one of us would go to the store on Friday night after out little monkey was in bed, so I volunteered. So after waddling my way through the store I get in line. Just in time to see some 20 year old piece of trash walk up to her boyfriend and go "here is the cheese you wanted" his reply "Not that kind" and she throws it onto the magazine racks where it is going to spoil and go bad. When I get up the the register I tell my cashier and she has my bagger go take care of it. She also notices that I am missed an envelope for the cards i am buying, the woman behind me simple says "its OK I am not in a rush go get an envelope" since she heard me say, I didn't want to hold up the line and get the envelope. Well I waddle my way to the cards, waddle back, am now huffing and puffing and probably sweating and I begin to bag my groceries. At this point the teenage son of the woman behind me (the nice envelope lady) comes up to me and says "Ms. would it be OK if I bagged your groceries for you" I almost burst into tears right there on the spot. It was probably all the waddling and hormones that made me overly sensitive, but i was truly moved. Even if his mother made him, this teenage boy offered to bag my groceries because it was the nice thing to do. I must have thanked him 10 times before waddling my way out to the car. Now if only he could have come home with me and unpacked them....
Momma Hunt
The Romanov Bride-By Robert Alexander

Let me start off my saying I am obsessed with this part of Russian History. In college I was privileged enough to take a course that was only about the rise and fall of Tsar Nicolas and his family. Although Alexander's book "The Kitchen Boy" is in my pile of to be read books, this was a Christmas gift that caught my attention and moved quickly to the top of the pile. I loved the book from beginning to end and can honestly say I might need to add to my Robert Alexander collection.

What I liked about this book was that there was just enough back story for those who might not know Russian history (or in my case forgotten it). This is a lovely story telling the tales of both a Romanov woman (Grand Duchess Ella) and a Revolutionary (Pavel). It is a great showing of how these two people lived in juxtaposition in Revolutionary Russia. I was very fascinated by the details of Ella's life and how after her husband's tragic death she went on to a life of service. I was also drawn to the inner turmoil that she felt as a character about her families inability to change and make headway in this harsh period of Russian History. Although I won't go into detail for those who hope to read this some day, the ending in which these two characters are intimately tied forever was amazing.

Again, this was a lovely book with just enough drama and history to keep me sucked in to the very last word. I can't wait to finish a few more books and get to my next Robert Alexander book.

Momma Hunt

The Rescue-By Nicolas Sparks

Believe it or not I may be one of the only people on the planet that has not read anything by Nicolas Sparks. My mother in law suggested that I pick up a few of his books and nice quick reads. She knows I love to read before bed and thought that I would enjoy his books based on some of my other favorite authors. I do have to say she was right. Although I liked the this book, I would not say it is the one of the best I have ever read and certainly not a literary masterpiece, but a nice read never the less.

This book focuses around single mom Denise and her son Kyle. Kyle seems to have some sort of developmental language delay that no one can diagnosis. Denise meets Taylor through a series of events and they eventually start dating. You follow this couple through an up and down of any relationship and even through personal tragedy that brings them together in the end of the book. This book although sad to the point of tears in parts, it does have a happy ending that is always a good thing in a quick just for fun read.

Again I would totally recommend this as a great vacation or beach read, or just something to pick up that might be different then reading the newest book by your favorite author. In my stack of readings is another Nicolas Sparks book waiting to be read since this one was so enjoyable.