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The Rescue-By Nicolas Sparks

Believe it or not I may be one of the only people on the planet that has not read anything by Nicolas Sparks. My mother in law suggested that I pick up a few of his books and nice quick reads. She knows I love to read before bed and thought that I would enjoy his books based on some of my other favorite authors. I do have to say she was right. Although I liked the this book, I would not say it is the one of the best I have ever read and certainly not a literary masterpiece, but a nice read never the less.

This book focuses around single mom Denise and her son Kyle. Kyle seems to have some sort of developmental language delay that no one can diagnosis. Denise meets Taylor through a series of events and they eventually start dating. You follow this couple through an up and down of any relationship and even through personal tragedy that brings them together in the end of the book. This book although sad to the point of tears in parts, it does have a happy ending that is always a good thing in a quick just for fun read.

Again I would totally recommend this as a great vacation or beach read, or just something to pick up that might be different then reading the newest book by your favorite author. In my stack of readings is another Nicolas Sparks book waiting to be read since this one was so enjoyable.
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  1. I've read this book! As with all Nicholas Sparks novels, it makes me cry. I recommend "The Notebook" and "A Walk To Remember". Both have been made into movies, but I suggest to read the books first!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! And congrats on your upcoming arrival-- how exciting!

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  2. Always tear jerkers from him! And pretty much all become movies at some point!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nicolas Sparks is not the best writer, yes, but his books become pretty addicting. Dear John was a better book than movie [which is not what I could say for A Walk to Remember.] The Last Song was alright, and very heartwarming in parts [always a cryfest with him.] He's definately worth reading, and thanks to your review I cannot wait to read this one. Perhaps I'll pick it up tomorrow. :)

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