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Ok so I never read comic books, perhaps it is a boycott of the huge vast collection that my husband has in our office that I never understood. He is an avid collector, reads several series, and collects even more, so I think sometimes I don't read comics or graphic novels out of spite. Then again, he also does not understand the joy that comes from buying several pairs of shoes. Anywho.........My husband has read what he refers to as the most amazing graphic novel of our time. He loved it so much he asked me to read it as well. I was hesitant at best, but I he promised if i hated it, I would not have to read the rest of the books. So I sucked it up and read the first volume of this graphic novel. Needless to say, I think he was right, it was good, really good.

Y-The Last man is a graphic novel based on story line that a virus/disease of somes sort has wiped out the entire male population except for one man. His mother is currently a high ranking official in the government and now he becomes something that everyone wants, the last man. Some people want to get their hands on this guy so that he can repopulate the earth, other "feminists" want him to kill him so that the world can be ruled by women (cloning is occuring so there really isn't a "need" for men). Yet this guy only wants one thing, his girlfriend who is on the other side of the world. This volume leaves off on this man sneaking away from his security detail to go and find his girlfriend without regarding the fact he is the most important person in the world and needs to be careful.

Although reading a story in comic form is still a bit out of my comfort zone, I love the story line enough to plug along and read some more of the series. It is a quick fun read for someone who is looking into reading something other than the norm.
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  1. Manic Mommy Says:

    I've never read a graphic novel either. I don't know if I can really think of it as a novel. It is an interesting premise though.

    Hey, I went to respond to your comment on my post and can't find an email address for you! Can you put one on your profile page or blog? I'm sure others want to respond to your comments, too!

  2. This does NOT strike me as a book I'd like... but I really respect your taste in books, so I might have to try it out at some point. If I can get up the courage!

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