Ok first things first my weekly update (which clearly I haven't ever really been so good at doing).  This week I lost a pound...which gets rid of the weight I gained awhile back.  This puts me right back at where I am holding solid at 216.8 (grrrr that number angers me). It scares me to write it but i figured I needed to.  Why because I never talk about that number.  I am embarrassed by that number.  I want to kick that number in the f-ing face.  Yet that same number can cripple me (especially like this am when the number was way higher than that).  I get so overwhelmed sometimes with the fact that I haven't really lost any weight for months now.  I get overwhelmed with how can I loose weight this time around when last time I was at the gym six days a week.  How can I do this.  So since the last few days this weight loss thing has seemed to overwhelm me I am going to try and take it at baby steps.  This week my goal is to work out four times (1/4 completed) and I mean really work out...not just walking the dog, but Gym or fitness tape.  My next goal is to drink all my water from now till Friday.  I haven't been drinking enough water and know that was helpful the first time around on WW.  Finally, my plan is just to work the plan...If I am really honest. No lying, no cheating on my points (we all know we can enter whatever we want whether it sit he truth or not) and just be patient with myself.   This is the hardest for me.  Not to think about where I want to be, or where i should be, but where I am right now.  I was going to go home and rush a workout before the hubs gets home with the kiddos, instead I am going to drink some water and plan my time at the gym for Tuesday, Wednesday, and probably Friday.  I need to be honest about my ability to work out.  No sense in doing what I did last it me which was crazy working out so I gain back the weight.  Ok I am done rambling now, back to my pile of grading that is leading to my overwhelming feeling. 
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