I know I have been talking about being stuck weight loss wise forever....lets be honest I have been give or take the same weight since ohhh F-ing August....seriously....August.  FML  Yet, I can only get so mad at myself I have not been putting in the effort I should be.  For me to get under the weight that I currently am (This is the weight I was at for several years after loosing an initial 30 pounds in college) this the weight that I got stuck at after having my son, and this is where I am now.  This is where the fat me want to be.  To get under it I have to be on my game....counting points calories...and working out.  I know I also need to work not the muscle building thing.  So I am joining my new friend Dawn from twitter (she also has an awesome blog check it out) on trying Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.  Those of you who read this who know me...I may be the crippled chic on Tuesday who can't walk.  Jillian is mean...then again I need mean!  So last week in frustration with my weight loss, my apathy about things in general...I decided to trust my hair stylist (he has been a friend from hs so I trust him to be honest) and I cut off all my hair.  You know what I love it.  It makes me feel pretty.   It makes me realize I need to put myself first and do things for me.  Even if they are scary.  Cutting my hair off was scary, working out is hard, managing my time better and spending less time blogging (although I have a ton of posts lines up) and on social media sucks...but you know what that is what is best.  So just like my hair I am going to try and do some new things.
1.  I am going to make an effort to do my new hair as often as I can before work
2.  I am going to do some form of exercise everyday...30 day shred, shrinking jeans challenge, or even walking the dog or a 20min turbo jam
3.  Instead of immediately using free time for social media, blogging, reading blogs, or playing games on my phone I need to use my free time for grading, working out, and house work etc.  Then I can have my "fun" It might not be pretty but it needs to be done.

So here is to the new me!
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  1. I seriously feel like I wrote the beginning of your blog. I also have been thinking about cutting back with my on-line life so I can focus on me some more. Here's to kicking off for us! And just think, shorter hair= less time to stress about it and you can spend more time doing other stuff!

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