So for those who know me personally you know that I am obsessed with my nails.  They are always polished and up until a few months ago they were always fake.  So I decided to get rid of the fakes and starting painting at home.  This has led to an all new obsession of buying polishes and checking out blogs.  Two of my favorite blogs are http://icynails.blogspot.com/ and http://polishorperish.blogspot.com/ . Well how excited was I when I heard that Polish or Perish was looking for a new nail girl.  Well even though I don't blog about my nails...mainly because they were so busted from having my fake nails taken off that I figured why not apply and see.  Only issue they needed to see my pics of my nails.  Well, they only place I have them is in Pinterest with other people's nails who I love. So I decided to load up a few of my favorite nail pics for them to see....and you my readers as well

My newest Find-Sally Hansen Complete Manicure-Commader and Chic:  Went on great but the color is a wee blah.  Yet, if it stays on like my other Compete manicures do...a great work week option.  My Complete Manicure in Shall we dance is the only nail polish I can get to stay on for more than two days.  We are almost to day two with no chips in sight.

Zoya Katarina: Great color dark sparkly gray-Only issue is it really showed the ridges in my nails from where my fake nails used.  It also only lasted a day and half before it chipped.  A work friend suggested that with the Zoya polish to only use Zoya topcoat.  Perhaps that is a next buy for me

Sorry for the blurriness since I paint my nails at night it is hard to get good light on the photo
Sinful Colors-Gorgeous.  For a non OPI or China Glaze I loved it.  Great fun bright color.  Went on great lasted for a few days.  Then when it chipped look at next photo

This is Sinful Colors underneath OPI black shatter.  A work friend suggested to extend the life of my manicure when I do a light color throw over a layer of shatter being sure to cover and chips.  Sure enough I got a few more days out of the manicure and what an amazing color combo.  You can also see here how busted up my nails are from my nail removal

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  1. I was having gel put on mine since it lasted longer (a regular manicure for me lasts like 2 days) and when I got the pneumonia again I couldn't keep getting them done. Thank goodness my nails grow really fast and are ridiculously strong but it did take 3 months before they were pretty much back to normal.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I did acrylic nails once & they ruined my nails! Never again. Took 2 months for them to grow back in, and they were paper thin. Regular $7 manicures for me since. I'm ok with that.

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