So just a quick post because it has been a crazy day.  The kiddos were over the grandparents so we had a nice night with no kids.  I got a great night sleep for the first time in ages.  Then we had a former student come over to do yard work because we had some extra money, then right before the kid gets here the dishwasher bites the shitter.  Then  no lie three hours later we get a bill for having the furnace fixed (I thought it was covered ) for 250 bucks.  So yard work+Dishwasher+furnace bill=1000!  Ahhhh, It has been a crazy day.  Ok on to the update...I was up .4 pounds which I was ok because last week for my weight in I think I was down more than I should be.  I also did not exercise as much as I really wanted to this week.  I had hoped to get to the gym more but my little guy got sick and that ended any gym time that I had on the books.  My goal for this week is to have a great workout four times this week and be sure to record all my food.  I am also trying not to stress eat too much considering the money issues and a few other items that I will write about when I am not so tired.  Who would have though one good night sleep could make a girl so tired the next day.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    Eh, 0.4 is nothing. You can pee that out. I was up 0.4 last week, and as I recall, you said the same exact thing to me. :-) Hope the little guy is feeling better.

  2. Hope he feels better!

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