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I am continue to read the graphic novel series Y-The Last Man. I am now on volume two and I am still really liking it. As I have said before I typically humor my hubby about reading comic book type stuff, but I am really liking this series. The premise is that all the men on the planet have been killed off and someone how this one guy and his monkey survive and no one knows why. This series focused more on the man character's relationship with his sister which was very interesting. To me the best part of this volume was the society of all women who were former prisoners. When you first meet these women all you know is that their community is way more advanced than any other one around and come it find out it is because they all lived in prison together. What is interesting is the thought that the only group of women who are really doing well in this post male society are the ones who were living in a non male society prior to this disaster. If you are looking for something different to get into, give these graphic novels a shot.
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    That does sound interesting.

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