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Ok so we all have those photos of us that make us want to throw up. Well I saw one this weekend. I realize I am way overweight but sometimes it hits me harder then I want it to. This past weekend was my daughter's christening I went out and got a dress that I felt really good in. My hubby said I looked good and that I needed to stop looking for another dress because the one that would make me look 50 pounds thinner wasn't out there and this one was great. My best friend said it looks super good especially with my boobs that might now have their own orbit. So needless to say when I saw the below photo I got really upset. I know that realistically it was a horrible camera angle and the dress was all scrunched up from sitting in the church pew but it hit me. I am that big again, I am going to have to loose 80 plus pounds. I feel that this is a kick in the pants to get my butt in gear. Yet, I know I can't be too hard on myself because there were better photos of me looking really nice in that dress. Yet, there is always that negative voice in my head that needs to go!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can totally relate to this post. I have a lot of photos like that. I used to love to have my picture taken...but now I shy away from it. I went to Disney World recently and the few photos that were taken, I deleted them. :P

    I just can't wait to get my butt healthy again and then show the before and after pictures! Good luck on your journey! We can do this!!!!!

  2. Jenni Says:

    Ugh, I hate it when I think I look fantastic and then I see a photo and look huge. It's a long journey.

  3. kristi Says:

    I have 74 I want to lose, I have lost 18 so far but it is hard work!

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