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I have been bouncing around between 35-40 pounds lost for the last few months and have really been thinking about why I am not loosing weight.  In the spirit of honestly, half assing it would be the reason.  I have been doing weight watchers for so long that I get lazy with my points.  In this I mean there are days where I don't record my food, where I eat within my points but don't make good food choices, or in general just don't follow the plan.  I think the only reason I haven't gained weight the last two or three month has been that in the last month I have had to stop eating diary (which rules out a lot of food I would love to eat) and that I have to walk the dog for 25min every day.  So I took the advice of some of my work friends and picked up a book called "Eating Clean Recharged" by Tosca Reno.  Now let me be clear this is not me looking for a quick fix (I know they don't exist) but looking for something more to suit my life.  Although I will still record my food (I took the suggestion of Jen over at Prior fat girl) about a great journal.  I think that right now the whole finding time to record my points, even if I get an iphone, is just not something with two young kids I can do.  Also, with this Eating Clean program you are eliminating white flour, white sugar, and white rice..basically its anti-white!  Then you eat well rounded meals and three snacks a day all which contain protein and complex carbs.  I have noticed that in the past few months I have been needing a cup of coffee in the afternoon, according to some of the info presented in the book that is most likely due to not eating well.  The reason I am drawn to this plan is that is very easy to do all the time, you follow the plan and eat well and enjoy yourself on special occasions.  This to me is how I should be eating....good healthy food, working out, and enjoying life.  Not figuring out how I can manipulate my points.  Now don't get me wrong, I love me some WW!  That is how I lost 70 pounds pre wedding and how I have lost 35 pounds plus about another 15 of post baby weight.  I just think that it is time for a change.  For me and my family, especially the hubby who has been experiencing some major health issues (that is for another post).  So for me to accept that what I am doing isn't working is a huge step usually I hate to admit I am failing but what I am doing isn't working so I am moving on. I will update everyone on how it works out on Monday with my new weekly weigh in day.  Wish me luck!  
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