Momma Hunt

Ok So I have never done this before so lets give it a go-

I am Confessing

-I confess I have a crush on a reality star

-I confess he stars in my fantasies but as time goes on I realize that this fantasy is bad for me

-I confess that this fantasy isn't bad because of who my crush is, or that I am a married mom with two kids with a fantasy boyfriend.  It is bad becuse of who I am in my fantasies

-I confess in my fantasies I am the person I wished I was-Always confident skinny sexy bitch.

-I confess that even more exciting than the man in my fantasies, it is how i look and how I feel as that other me

-I confess that it is unhealthy to have a fantasy where I am someone other than who I am because what I really need to do instead of daydreaming about my Deadliest Catch hottie is to start accepting myself for who I am at this moment

-I confess that this is hard thing to do!
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good job! I daydream too, nothing wrong with it. I tried making everyone around me happy instead i made myself miserable. I woke up one morning in April and so no more! I've pissed people off trying to find my happiness. If they truly were on my side, they'd be happy for me, not wanting for me conforming to what they want me to be. In May i decided to get my "confident skinny bitch" back. My husband has tried to keep my heavy for the last 10 yrs. I've lost 52 LBS. I've told him he can walk beside me or fall behind. I wont let him drag me down again. Nobody should have time to have any hate or negativity in their life. SPRED THE LOVE PEOPLE! 1sassie bitch

  2. Beth Says:

    I don't think anybody should feel guilty about fantasizing. After all, wouldn't every woman in her right mind appreciate a Hugh Jackman/George Clooney sandwich???


  3. Ohrant Says:

    Haha! I'll take one of those sandwiches please. LOL

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