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Let me start this post with a disclaimer that this book is written by my Sister in Law so of course I am biased.  My sister in law started this book several years ago about her celebrity obsessions and what they meant to her and what they mean to people in general.  Of course I loved this book, but not for the reasons you might think (she is my sister in law).  I loved this book because it hits close to home.  I of course loved reading about Donna's adventures in her celebrity obsession with Clay Aiken then Jason Castro from the hit show American Idol.  What I was really drawn to was her ability and willingness to actually look at why she (and us as fans) become obsessed with people.  Now I do have a celebrity crush who for the time being will remain nameless, but I found myself reading this book thinking about my own reality TV star crush.  As Donna explores both the good and bad of being a fan, I connected deeply to her reflection that the reason we are attracted to celebrities is because there is a void in our own lives.  For her that void had to do with being in a long term relationship and the tough life of a stay at home mom (which we all know can be rough) for me it is the temptation of a fantasy life in which I am 75 pound thinner, way hotter, and get to spend time with crush. The book is a quick read with lots of inspirational quotes that tells two great stories. One story of Donna's life as a fan and mom and a second one of the not so sunny side of celebrity crushes or obsessions.  Later this month I hope to do an author interview and giveaway for a copy of the book, so stay tuned.  I of course give this book five stars, but then again I am of course biased!  Love you Donna!
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