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So I do believe that a lot of people have those few things in their lives that they could take back or do over so to speak. Mine happened to be the way a friendship of mine ended back in college. I sent this person a letter a long time ago hoping for a response that never came (I can't blame them the letter was a horrible emotional piece of garbage). So I have since found this person on facebook and began the dilemma in my brain about should I email them or not. So I did. Basically saying, I know things ended back between us and I am sorry and I wished it had turned out differently. I logged on today and was pleasantly surprised that the person had emailed back basically saying "The past is the past and water under the bridge" which was so nice to hear. Yet, even though I have what I wanted, closure on some level, it still is a little lack luster. Not that I wanted no response, not that I wanted an F*** off, not that I wanted to be best friends and share a "moment",but I just feel that it should have been more. I have been waiting to put an end to this unresolved thing in my life for so long and yet, not that I have it, it doesn't seem like quite enough. Then again that is me, I am always wanting more then what for everyone else is enough.
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  1. Binky Says:

    It wouldn't be enough for me, either. Not that I'd do anything about it. I'd just go back to thinking about the lost friendship at odd intervals and letting my subconscious deal with it via dreams that I always wake from with the same thought: "Where did that come from?"

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