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As part of my "Summer of doing things for me" and my 2009-100 plus challenge I have decided to review my readings. As you can see below I am part of the summer reading challenge. The first book that I read was a classic book by Jodi Picoult My Sister's Keeper. I would have to say that this was one of the best books by Picoult that I have read. I really do enjoy her style of writing, where she writes from multiple character's perspectives, but she did an extraordinary job in this novel. Her character work was outstanding. I particularly enjoyed her character work with the older brother Jessie. She made him such an interesting character and a great addition to the main story line. I think I connected to this because I see everyday how student react to the various situations in their life. I also loved the ending. I of course won't give that away here, but it was a classic twist Picoult ending.

Speaking on the ending of the book... the movie. What happened with the movie. Although the movie did a great choice in choosing actors for the roles, I was really upset by some of the choices that the director/screen writers made. I am fully aware that you can not include every aspect of a book into a movie, but I really feel they did Picoult's book an injustice. They left out some of the greatest character traits of Jesse, who I said before was one of the greatest parts of the book. Also, they changed the ending. I think part of what made this book so amazing was the greatest part, and it was completely different. Although the movie was tied up in a nice neat bow, I think what makes Picoult's books so great is that they aren't nice and neat, they are messy and emotional and great.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but I would tell anyone else that they should wait to rent or netflix's this movie.
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