Yeah I wish-This momma is sick.  The kind of sick that you would be hiding under covers except for the occasional cup of tea or chicken noodle soup.  The kind of sick that as of my 645 appointment today will warrant two trips to the doctor.  But sadly this Momma is at work...why you ask?  I used all my sick time taking care of my hubby during his surgery, when my kids were sick, and last week when my dad was sick and couldn't care for the baby.  So here I am a high school teacher with no voice, coughing up a lung, and running on two hours of sleep because I am so damn sick I can't sleep.  Please excuse me while I have this pity party for myself and curl up into a call under my desk at work!  OK deep breaths....I am moving on now! 

The On a much lighter and happier note my bio was published for the #mefirst blog that I was selected to write for.  This is an amazing opportunity for me and I couldn't be more excited.  Check out the link below to see my bio and the other wonderful moms who are participating in this journey with me. 
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  1. Beth Says:

    Oh, honey. I'm SO sorry you're feeling so crummy! I know what you're going through, though. I drag myself to my middle school, even when I'm sick, just 'cuz I'm afraid to use my sick time for ME, knowing I'll have to use it for my boys. Hang in there! I hope you can get some rest this weekend. Cheers!

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