The As many of you have heard with my rantings on face book and twitter we lost power in that big October storm.  We lost it for ten days!!!  So crazy.  I will post more about that later this week.  But in the midst of the ten days with no power I get some exciting new news.  I was selected to be a member of the #mefirst Project.  This is an amazing opportunity that I just had to try and get my hands on.  I was so bummed when I did not get voted to be the prior fat girl blogger over at Jen's site Priorfatgirl.  But as she stated to all of us she believed in us and wanted us to continue on our weight loss journey.  I have been, although I haven't lost a much weight since this summer I have been working on living a healthier lifestyle.  Yet I often find myself getting lost along the way.  Between work, the kids, the house I often find myself stressed to the max.  This project is meant to work with women like me and help us figure out how to take time for ourselves and how that can aid us in our over all healthiness journey.  I am so excited for this so stay tuned for more on my journey.  Also why not stop by the #mefirst Project website 
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