So yesterday started out as a fairly good day.  Although in our house we have been dealing with major sleep issues with our oldest who is four, things are good. We are getting ready for a Halloween party at our house and I actually had some time to get some cleaning done.  After the kids were in bed I snuck out to snag some leggings to go under my costume and was feeling really good.  Then the shit hit the fan.  The hubs and I got into it good, mainly over how to handle the kid and his major sleeping issues.  I got mad, really mad.  Something I hardly ever do...something up until a few months ago I never allowed myself to do.  I have always shied away from getting mad at people because in my mind if I got mad at someone they would stop liking/loving me.  I know this is sort of crazy thinking but I am one of those good girls who always has to be liked.  I have been working on this and I got mad.  Like swearing and screaming mad.  Although looking back I can say we both had a right to get mad and upset....it was really good to be mad.  I am still a bit pissed but to quote Dr. Phil you have to decide if you want to be right or do you want to live a happy life.  Meaning that if I want to hold a grudge and be mad about something that really wasn't that huge of a deal typical married life stuff (which by the way when I got married no one put this shit in the brochure) then it will create an unhappy household to live in and carry on anger about something that isn't honestly worth arguing anymore about. We are both at our wits end about the wee one and his lack of sleeping and we are starting to turn on each other.  Which we know we can't do.  So I have decided although it was good for me to get mad...it is time to move on.  Thanks for allowing me to vent.  Also for those of you who know me...I am sure you are getting a laugh at the thought of me getting pissed off enough to yell and swear about anything!  God I love having a place to leave everything and move on.  As my school's principal is fond of saying...onward and upward!
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