A few weeks ago I was contacted by Z-Access Display frames.  They offered me a sample of one of their products to test out..and let me tell you I loved it.  This is a super cool way to display unusual items that do not typically fit in frames.  For example your kids art projects, baby toys, baseballs, awards, college keepsakes.  The sample that I was sent was a beautiful frame with an inner frames that basically allows you to shrink wrap your keepsake.  I chose to use one of the signed baseballs my uncle has given my son.  Normally, these baseballs go in one of those boring clear squares-Blah.  So i quickly unwrapped the frames, followed the super idiot proof instructions (which I loved by the way) and my baseball was so displayed in a cool rotating frames.  I loved it...all I could do was think about how I can't wait to use a few more.  For example, I would love to put a few of my son's art projects that are not flat in it.  Also, he has several more signed baseballs (my Uncle and Hubby are huge baseball fans) and I love this frame so much more than than those generic cubes.  Below are the photos I took of my frame.  My favorite part about it, it spins so you can see whatever is in the frame from 360 degrees.  So cool.  If you are interested in this frame check out their websites, they have different sizes and types for all of your display needs. www.displayit3d.com  Seriously go, check it out. 

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  1. I'll tell my dad- he'll be psyched!

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