So as I have mentioned before the Hubs had surgery a few weeks ago and although we both did better than I thought with him being out of commission...it is startin to catch up with me.  I am feeling really run down between being the one woman show. Not only do I have to do the stuff I normally do, up until three days ago Ryan was not driving so that meant I had to pick up Dy at school every day, run every errand, and in order to help Ry not go crazy take him to a few fun places when I got out of work.  Add to this that Dy is still having some major sleep issues and since up until three days ago Ry was on pain meds this means I am the one who gets up every single time with him.  I am tired.  I also haven't been working out because there hasn't been time for that and Ryan could not be left with the kids.  I finally snuck out this Saturday am to get my nails done...I desperately needed them filled.  Finally, we are being evaluated at work...something that happens every ten years to high schools across the nation.  This means that as I type this I am at work on a Sunday waiting to be interviewed for this reevaluation and will be here for three hours, plus two days this week after school we have hour and half meetings.  It is crazy busy.  Without being able to take any time for myself I feel like a cranky pants.  So I have promised myself once I get through this week I am going to be dedicating some time to myself and to my health and get back to eating as clean as possible and working out several times a week.  I can't wait to get back to having some me time! 

What are your thoughts on me time?  Do you take it?  Do you take enough of it?
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  1. I know that I give up me time for the first two months of the year due to all of the back to school nights, setting up classroom, getting organized and just getting into the swing. I am happy to say that I had one of my last big events on Friday of last week, I have a conference I am organizing this Saturday (weather permitting) and then I am DONE! Can't wait to have more time for me...though I have been going to get my nails done more regularly and this makes me feel slightly more sane! I think it's a sad statement that I have almost fallen asleep in the chair like 3 times though because I am so beat!

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