Momma Hunt
I hope all the mother's out there had a great day. I did, mainly because I celebrated the day for what it was. I got to spend time with my mom and grandma but more importantly the two men who have made me a mother. I think more than any other time it makes me appreciate the great life I do have. I got to read books to my son, feed him ice cream (said ice creeeeaammmm by Dylan), and snuggle him close right before bed. My favorite moment of the whole day was when we changed his diaper before bed (he has a tendency to overflow the diaper if we don't change it mid way through the night) and he asked me to snuggle him. So I scooped him up and laid him down on our bed, to which I got to hear the sweet wisper of a sleepy 23 month old in my ear "love you momma". The best mother's day present ever!

Well maybe ever, the two hour nap I got was pretty good too!
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