I can't believe it has been a month since I posted.  I have been so crazy at school and at home I often don't even look at my computer when I get home.  This would explain why my google reader is at 200 plus blogs to go and read!  Although I have been keeping up with twitter when I can...I have missed blogging.  I have been maintaining my weight loss as I have for almost an entire year now.  I sometimes get upset about this, other times I am proud.  I have really had a tough year.  As the school year closes I always reflect back on the year.  As I reflect I realize although I had a great year professionally with good students, successes in my teaching, and class advising....personally I have been put through the wringer.  

Papa Hunt has major throat surgery in the fall, followed by a freak storm that left us without power for ten days and the decimation of all the food in our fridge.  Then this led into a horrible stint of depression for Papa Hunt.  Although it was his battle to fight (and thankfully he is much better now) depression affect the whole house.  Then in the winter my Dad who watches my Wee one 2 was having heart problems and there was the stress of not knowing whether or not he might need heart surgery.  Again thankfully he is doing ok and no need for immediate surgery.  Then recently my husband's grandfather passed away, although he really did not have a relationship with his grandfather this causes a whole bag of issues upon his death.  Add to that my first go around as being a class advisor and the stress of planning both a prom, graduation, and all the other senior events.  

After typing this all out and trying desperate not to start crying thinking about it, I should be proud of myself.  Proud that I haven't been hiding in my car huffing down cake and ho-hos.  Proud that over the course of a horrible year I have maintained a 40 pound weight loss.  No I haven't been going to the gym for the last month-frankly I haven't had the time or even the mental energy to think about.  Yet, I have done ok considering. The last time Papa Hunt went through a period of depression I gained 15 pounds so hell I will take a maintenance.

I am looking forward-In three days my class will graduate and I will have 8 weeks of blissful time to recharge.  I have big plans.  The involved the gym, good books, my cute kids, and perhaps two graduate classes.  I can't wait to have the time to meal plan, to work out, or hell sit around and really enjoy being a mom.  So since I enjoy some good goal setting...here it is for the summer

Summer Goals
Books-Read Ten books this summer
Graduate School-Complete two courses
Budget-Try and establish a budget and pay down some debt (I am constantly stressed about money)
Gym-I want to plan to hit the gym or do a 45min home workout five days a week
Outside-I want to stop being the mom that hates to be sweaty I want to get outside 5 days a week with the kids.  I find we spend a lot of time inside in the summer but only bc I hate the heat....not because my kids do
Trips-I want to take a few trips with my kids, the Bronx Zoo, a few aquariums, and to visit some family!

Happy almost summer to me!
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  1. Hope I am considered in the trips part! Feels like forever. 1 MORE DAY and then I may sleep for a few!

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