I have to be honest I think I was just a little too excited when the folks over at Hyperion asked me if I wanted to review a book by Alison Sweeney (you know that super cute chic from Biggest Loser and Days).  I get lots of great books to review but not always by bigger name people or authors.  I was more than willing to review the book.  Now be it my own personal bias, I honestly did not think that an "actor" would be a good writer...but I was pleasantly surprised.  This books was SO GOOD!!! I read it in less that a week which for me is huge because I only have to time to read at night which means most books regardless of how good they are often take me a month or two to read.  I couldn't put the book down.  Not only did it have really good character development the story was literally addicting.

Now this is your classic chic lit book, but I loved it.  No trashy romance parts but just enough romance and love stories to keep you fully interested in the book.  I think what I liked most is that look that it gave into the entertainment industry.  The general plot of the books follows the life of the main character Sophie who is a PR person.  She is living her very face paced LA life and the stories follows her ups and downs.  You sort instantly get connected to Sophie and her work and personal life.  As things start to go south for the main character you find yourself rooting for her and wanting her to succeed both in business and in life.  One night I stayed up to 1am reading before I had to put the book in the kitchen so I would stop reading it...it was that good.  Now normally I am not the most moved by these kids of books, I think chic lit is fun but not my usual choice...but this was a super fun summer read.  If anyone is thinking of checking it out...do so!  

Ok so now for my slightly geeky moment....I tweeted Alison Sweeney about how much I loved the book and she tweeted me back!!! It was a moment for me (I know I know I am geek!)

So overall I give the book 5 stars, it was really just that good!  

So what have you all been reading this summer....anything I need to add to my ever growing pile of books??
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  1. I love that she tweeted you back! She seems really down-to-earth. I'll have to check this out...I love chick lit!

  2. lydsrich Says:

    Not at all geeky for her to have tweeted you back and for you to be excited about it! :)

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