So the folks at Ted's Montana Grill were so kind enough to offer my family another visit to Ted's in honor of the upcoming National Bison Day!  If you are reader of my blog you will remember what an amazing trip we had over the summer taking a look at Ted's summer menu.  If your new to the blog let me recap the awesomeness that is Ted's!  First of all everything is Fresh-that is such a huge thing to me.  Nothing is premade its all made fresh on site.  Which also means if your like me with food allergies or concerns they can modify a lot of the meals for you (they even have a huge-and I mean huge-Gluten free menu).  Second although in our area the restaurants are in fancy areas they are super kid friendly!  On this visit the hostess greeted my kids, asked them questions, and gave them their Wikisticks as soon as they menionted how much they loved them.  The third reason I am in love with Ted's they are working very hard to support local farmers for their in season items and they also try and get all their other ingredients and meat as local as possible. 
The main reason we lover Ted's-its so good and also fairly affordable.  I feel that the kids menu prices are comparable with other "kid friendly" chains. The adult faire is a little pricerier then a chain if you are getting a big meal but thier sandwiches are evenly priceded with other places.  

So lets talk about getting down to the Bison here!  So we decided that in honor of National Bison day we would try a lot of the Bison that Ted's had to offer.  Dylan was the only one who went rouge and did Chicken Tenders with Fresh cut fries.  OMG-those are so good. They are seriously the best fries and hands down best chicken ever.  I typically don't love fried chicken but this was so so good! Dylan approved by eating his entire plate.

Now on to the Bison.  I chose to have Bison Pot roast and it was wonderful.  The pot roast was tender and not fatty (which sometimes pot roast can be).  It hard a hearty pan gravy with it that ensured the meat was juice and not dried out.  Instead of the mashed potatoes it came with a opted for a dry sweet potato because of my dairy issues.  All these switches were made without hesitation. 

Next Ryan opted for the Bison Pot Meatloaf. Ryan loves meatloaf and he swears the Ted's Bison meatloaf is some of the best around.  He got a few nice sized slices with mashed potatoes and a squash casserole.  Ryan has said that the squash casserole is almost as good as the one his mom makes which is probably one of his top ten favorite foods of all time.  

Lastly my little meat loving lady chose to have the Bison sliders.  Now every time I go to Ted's I am torn between "real food" and a burger because their regular burgers are so good.  These sliders were so friggin good.  Ryan and I split one of Josie's sliders and were like "we need to come back just for a Bison Burger".  The meat is so flavorful it just make what was already an amazing slider (on their homemade biscuits) even more tasty 

I know some people shy away for Bison but it really is the cow's even more delicious cousin.  In fact this was weekend were at a local zoo and happen to be with a friend's Italian exchange student.  At the zoo were Bison and as soon as we saw it the young lady said "I know its bad to say-but when I see them all I think about it how tasty they are" and you know what I was thinking the same thing.  

Ted's obviously thinks so too. Part of the reason it was created was to help revive what was a dying industry in the US because we didn't have a use for them.  Ted's has helped to revive this industry and the US today has thriving Bison industry with a huge national herd of Bison-all tasty and ready to get in my belly-ok just joking!  I eat meat and its only fair that we know where our meat comes from!  

So if you are looking for a good place to eat here in CT you can visit Ted's both at Evergreen Walk or in Hartford on Front Street.  If you aren't from CT you can always see if there is a Ted's in your local area by clicking here.

So again thank you to Ted's for allowing my family and I to come in and enjoy a nice meal on you-although my meal was free these are my honest opinions (and can you tell I love it).  I will leave you with this little nugget of wisdom from our coaster!  Have a great day all

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