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So in classic "this is my life" fashion.....there was a tragic accident two weeks ago at work.  The end result five stiches and a bandage that I still wear to cover up the carnage of my finger...why because it looks horrendous.  It honestly took me so long to type about it because it is a super pain to not be able to type with your right index finger!!  So here goes on my tragic tail....God I wish it was a better story

So over the long MLK weekend I asked Ryan to pick me up a small knife to keep in my bag so I could slice apples or cut meat in my lunch (I am vehemently against sandwiches).  So at lunch on Tuesday I cut the top of the hard plastic package that the knife is in.  The knife I thought was in its sheath....well I sadly guessed wrong.  As I pulled the two sides of the plastic package apart to get the knife opened quick and the knife slashed hard into my right index finger.  I quickly grabbed a klenex and applied pressure I thought it was no big thing...A small flesh wound/paper cut type thing.  Well after a minute I get brave enough to look and realized nope this looked bigger and hurt a lot.  So lucky enough we have trained medial staff on hand so I zipped down to the nurse after asking a teacher to cover my class when they got back back from lunch.  The nurse carefully unwrapped the kleenix took one look and was like 'umm you are going to need to get this looked at" I asked..oh to get some glue...her reply..."um no you are probably going to need stiches to close this.  So I asked if should could bandage it and could it wait till after school for me to get it taken care of.  She said no I needed to go now.  So I said ok....well let me get my stuff and I will head to the walk in by my house.  Her reply "You can't drive you need to keep pressure on this and keep it above your heart"  that is when I knew I had done one hell of a number on my hand.  

So as if the cut wasn't bad enough I had to have the security van and school security officer drive me to a walk in where the doctor confirmed I clearly was a nut job and can't open thing and gave me a shot of lidocain in my finger that may have hurt worse then giving birth (ok lets be real after 8 hours I had an epidural so probably worse) then stiched me up and sent me on my way.  

Let's just say now it is funny but having my right hand bansaged for several days was a super pain and even now two weeks later it still hurts and has some nerve damage.  I wish I had some glamours story to tell about breaking up a knife fight at school or something cool.  But nope I was trying to eat healthy and accidentally stabbed myself. There is one sort comforting thing...I am totally my fathers daughter----he always did crazy stupid stuff like this.  It doesn't make the finger better but does bring me comfort.

I would post a pic but I don't want to gross out the readership1