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So it is with bittersweetness that I announce my baby (sniff, sniff) is now sleeping in his big boy bed. After months of great debate in my household we decided that it was time. He had been talking about his big boy bed, yesterday at IKEA he tested out all the big boy beds and couldn't stop talking about. So we figured it was time to make the transition to the big boy bed. So today after running some errands, my husband changed the crib into a day bed and installed the safety rail. Dylan was so excited while mommy and daddy were nervous about him actually sleeping in it. Not that he would get hurt, but that he wouldn't actually sleep in the bed. Well as of 1:52pm Master D. has been sleeping for on hour in his big boy bed. Although this mommy has decided despite the hair cut and the big boy bed, he is my little boy forever (well at least until he turns into a demon beast teenager)
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  1. Aw...How adorable!! You better share some photos with us :)

    And I might also add that...I LOVE IKEA!! When I moved into my first "big girl" apartment, I scoured the IKEA catalog for allll my furniture (they have such great deals!)...most of which I still have to this day. If your son is loving the IKEA bed now, just WAIT till he hits the "demon teenage years" (muahaha...)

  2. Momma Hunt Says:

    Please don't scare me, my husband and I are both high school teachers and we always look at our son and say "someday he will be one of them". We are actually thinking of getting him a cute bunk/tent bed from there. He is a one man wrecking crew so it pains me to spend 1000's on a set that he will wreck in a few years

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That is sooooo sweet! I am feel your pain. Been through it three times. ;)

  4. Book Dragon Says:

    ah, those are the memories.

    And maybe you'll get lucky, mine never did turn into a demon teenager!

  5. FranticMommy Says:

    I am SO with you on that! We are about to make that leap with our youngest. Scary to say the least (containment is a beautiful thing! :)

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