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The Essential Guide To Breastfeeding
By-Dr. Marianne Neifert
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Sterling (July 7, 2009)
Language: English
I just recently finished reading the Essential guide to Breastfeeding that was sent to be for review. I really thought this was a great informative book for the first time mom or a nice refresher for the second time around mom like myself. My favorite part of this book was the layout which is set up like the always popular "What to Expect Books" with areas of tips, and pop up boxes of information. My favorite sections were on how to problem solve those first critical days of nursing once your baby is born and the section on working mothers. More and more mothers are returning to work and it is nice to include a section on this. My only complaint about the book is how anti-bottle feeding they are. I do realize that for some people introducing a bottle to a nursed baby can spell disaster, but for me my son was nursing and using a bottle and two weeks and I successfully nursed him for a year. Overall this is a great how to guide for any woman who is expecting. I am going to passing this along to one of my expecting friends now that I am done with it!
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