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This week we had a really tough time at our household. My little monkey got really sick. So sick that I ended up missing two and half days of work. I have been desperate to save my sick time for the upcoming baby (I have to use sick time to get paid while on leave) but he was super super sick and I just couldn't leave him. He was so sick this past Wednesday that his Dr. told us to take him the children's hospital. It may be the flu or may be a super virus, but regardless there was nothing they could do for him. So there I was up till all hours just hold him and rocking him in the chair wishing him to get better. Never have a felt so helpless, I can't imagine what I would do if he was really sick. It was a moment like this that made me realize just how great of a child I have and I couldn't wait to hear his laugh and giggle and see his smile again. Well now several days later my man is on the mend and is back to his old self, and the only person who is worse for wear is mommy and daddy.
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  1. Julie B Says:

    Glad to hear he is doing better. I have a couple friends who have been dealing with sick babies for 1 year now. Every time I read their Care Pages, I am grateful for Andy and try not to be crabby with him when he is whiny and bugging me. We are very lucky!

  2. Beth Says:

    I'm so glad your little guy is doing better. I know about really sick kids -- My oldest had to spend 5 days in the hospital when he was just 6 months old because of seizures. Terrifying. My youngest got a kidney infection, when he was one. Back to the hospital, for 3 more days, again. It is scary. But, you know? We do what we can do, we give 'em all the love we can, and then we cross our fingers. And, as my pediatrician likes to point out....99.9% of kids make it all the way to adulthood, in spite of ear infections, attacks of the flu, broken bones, cracked heads, and adolescent hormones. So, cross your fingers, hug your baby, then go put your feet up. You deserve a break! Cheers!

  3. There is NOTHING worse than seeing your children sick and there is nothing you can do about it. But it does make you appreciate the fact that they are generally healthy most of the time. I hope your little one feels better soon :)

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