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So although this story is a few days behind (well weeks) it was too good to not tell. On our last day in the hospital a nurse was showing me how to help bathe the baby. All things were going well until I heard the slightest little toot. Then, well, then all hell broke loose. Josie let out a fart/poop that had such force it shot out of the bassinet , across the room and hit the privacy curtain , the wall, and the door. The nurse was so shocked she just sort of stood there for a few minutes , that was enough time for Josie to move on and start peeing all over everything. Then as we were beginning to clean up this explosive mess, little dainty Josie let another poop rip all over her bassinet (needless to say some items such as the weight chart from her bassinet are not going to be making it into her baby book). The nurse who was helping me said after we were done cleaning and sanitizing everything that in her almost 30 years of being a maternity ward nurse she has never seen a baby poop with such force it shot out across the room. Look at my little girl already breaking records!!!!!!
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  1. Haha, you have my deepest sympathies! Your story also brought back a hospital memory for me! When we were in the hospital, G had a pooplosion one night that got over EVERYTHING-- every single piece of fabric in the room-- except the blanket she was laying on. How do you explain that?


  2. Beth Says:

    She's just showing the world how strong she is! Congratulations. You're already off to a great start. Now, go take a nap, while you have the chance.

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