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So I have been off the grid in terms of blogging for awhile. The baby and I came down with a horrible case of thrush which if any nursing mom has had they know that this is horrible. So needless to say I have been bit overwhelmed. Well this were finally starting to setting in, we are getting ready for a my son's third birthday, and I even began exercising again. I have the routine of dropping my son off at daycare/preschool then spending the day with my little girl. Well yesterday we got some sad news. Dylan goes to a home daycare that is run by three sisters whose mother originally started the daycare center twenty years ago. Well sadly she has been in failing health. Well yesterday when I dropped Dylan off one of the sisters came over and was really upset and said the daycare was closing early because mom was dying and they needed to go to the hospital. Needless to say she passed away yesterday which breaks my heart because these ladies are like family.

Well now on to the totally selfish part of me. I AM HOME ALONE WITH TWO KIDS!!!!! Not that I haven't done this but I wasn't planning on the stay at home mom thing for another month with both kids. Plus this week I needed to clean the entire house and get all the party supplies for the 40 plus person bday party on Saturday. Right now there are about 100 trucks on the floor of my living room, a slightly cranky baby, and an unshowered momma. Do you think I will make it??????

PS-Here are some cute pictures of my babies!
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  1. Jenni Says:


    I bet you fared just fine. It's amazing what we can do when we have to.

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