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Right before I had my daughter I finished a great book about Tsarist Russia. This was a great read for anyone who loves historical fiction. This book is about a young Kitchen boy, who lived with the Tsar Nicholas and the Royal family while they were under house arrest in Siberia prior to their execution. This was a great look into the last days of the Russian Tsar and what their life must have been like during their imprisonment in Russia. What was great about this book (which I love in all books) you thought the book was heading in one direction but had a surprise in the last few chapters. The only complaint I have is that having read this author before I do not feel that the ending of the book with its twist was really that historically accurate. Yet again, I guess I should have realized that this is historical fiction and the entire thing is not accurate, but still it was a bit unbelievable for my taste. This is a must read though for anyone who loves Russian History. This is a four star book!
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  1. FranticMommy Says:

    Hi! I never get tired of the look of your blog. So cool!
    Funny story. My blog just turned TWO! Whoot! I read somewhere that two is really like TWENTY in Blog Years. Anyway, I went back..way back to those early days when my blog was a baby. I read the stories...and WOW, I was pretty green back then. Then I read the comments and there YOU were! Cool! So THANKS for supporting me "back then" and stop back by for a peek of me two years later. Thanks!

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