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I am wondering if every mother has those days where they are consumed by guilt. For example I feel guilty that the kids are playing and I am blogging. I felt guilty that I could not have the patience I wanted to with my son last night. My hubs had surgery a few days ago and it has been overwhelming to say the least to take care of him, and the two kids and not loose my mind. I got really upset at my son who I knew was acting out because his big strong daddy was sick. I feel guilty because I ate cookies. I am a stress eater and have been really working hard not to binge eat well yesterday was a really rough day and the only thing around was cookies. I was really upset because I am nursing and my daughter does not tolerate dairy well. So I felt really guilty for eating those cookies not only because they are bad for me but because they are bad for her too. I know that each of these things is not going to harm them in some horrible way or make them hate me when they get older but that guilt that a mother feels never seems to go away. I think that I need to realize that as long as I love them with all my heart they are going to be just find and that is all that my kids really want. Well I am off to play with the kids, my daughter J is playing with her follow me Fiona and barking at it so perhaps now is the time to get the video camera.
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  1. Melissa Says:

    I feel a lot of the same guilt! Just today as I was trying to get things done and needing the kids to entertain themselves, I was feeling guilty that I haven't really done much with them lately with the craziness of the holidays. But then I think they are just going to be grateful that I was around. They aren't going to remember that I was washing dishes while they were off playing on their own.

    I think Moms put too much pressure on other Moms and we also put it on ourselves too much!

    From your blog I can tell you are doing a great job with them! :)

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