Momma Hunt
So to those who still know I exist in the bloggy world I am sorry for the lack of posts. Real life kicked in. I work full time as a high school teacher (which means tons of papers to grade) I have an nine month old who is still nursing (which means pumping twice a day during my lunch and free period) and a three year old (need I say more) I hardly have time to go to the bathroom let alone get all my school work, holiday shopping, working out, and blogging in. So something had to give, and sadly it had to be something that i bloggy world. I am hoping to reconnect and see how everyone is doing while on holiday break (I may even have some time today) and how everyone is doing on their mommy, weight loss, and book journeys. . If I don't get to wish it to everyone via the blog, happy holidays to all.
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  1. My mom said you look great- can't wait to see you!

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