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For those of you who aren't my immediate friends and family that read this blog you might not know that we are experiencing a wicked January winter here in CT. We have had more snow days in January then the last two school years put together. Of course it is right in the middle of exams and the start of my second semester at school and I just can't manage to get into the swing of things. Although I love the days at home with the does make it hard to gear up for school. Also, I have been finding if very hard to keep up with my food tracking and exercise. Not that I am gaining weight (in fact I lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks) but it just feel unfocused. I have been trying to just keep afloat with one eye on the weather trying to figure out what tomorrow will bring. So my goal today during my snow day I want to catch up on some book reviews I have been meaning to post. Update my good reads account. Write out my daughter's first birthday invites (so scary that she is going to be one in a few months) and try and do a lengthy workout down stairs. I am not going to lie the prospect of taking a nice afternoon nap is alsohighly appealing! I also thought I would post a few pics of the incredible snow we got here in CT (this is not including the foot of snow theninches of ice that are expected over the next few days). The photos are of my son and the pile of snow at the end of our driveway. The thing behind the snowpile is our shed, and the other pic isto show you perspective of D's swing set to show you how high the snow is.
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  1. Right there with you- snow day #7 today and tomorrow doesn't look good either. I am being very unproductive today and just finished a book I started this morning! So glad we were able to get in our visiting time before this disaster!

  2. Jen Says:

    You look great! I would tell you in person if I expected to see you in the next three days... :)

  3. Unknown Says:

    At least you had fun in the mountains of snow!

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